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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lelio Mulas 2 / 10

Like Cabin in the Woods, only not

Well, that was interesting. The very first moments looked decent, with a somewhat retro look. But as soon as the characters open their mouth you realize you're in for a treat. Sound editing is terrible, you can't hear half of the lines, and the other half is people telling each other to shut up or chill out (duude). Dialogues are below 5 years old writing. Camera work is atrocious, some of the very few thrills in this bore-fest are courtesy of the cameraman struggling with focus. And losing miserably. The editing is lame. I just began to mentally trim the footage to accelerate the pacing, leaving behind minutes and minutes of awkward silent people blank staring, panting and gasping, looking around, while I was waiting for a line or a reaction to happen. My god... Then acting. Tell me about it. 'Great acting' someone said, holy cow... They are abysmal, all of 'em, with a special award for the guy in a yellow t-shirt (sluggishly dragging around like he hadn't any idea what he was doing) and the biker chief (desperately trying to be cool in a Samurai Cop wig). Storywise, it's a mess. Girl gets missing (we couldn't care less about her, 3 minutes screen time), friends freak out (kinda) and try to find her, they stumble upon drug courier bikers, they argue, they escape, they find refuge in a ghost town, the bikers follow them, cannibal creepy inbred people, almost everybody dies by stupidity. There is no tension whatsoever! The pacing is all off, slow and helpless, the bikers are not menacing, the 'eaters' could have been a redeeming point for the movie if there was any attention to details, maybe even some self aware irony (we're playing with 50 years old tropes, guys). The plot doesn't progress, it percolates like garbage juice. Even the gore is missing!

Maybe they tried, maybe it was a joke. What remains is a mess of a movie, some occasional funny-bad moment (the screaming scene, as previously noted by other reviewers: hilarious) and lots of boredom and frustration. I somehow sat through all of it, but I don't recommend this experience to anyone.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Horrendous- one of the worst movies seen in a long time

As said many times before, this is not coming from anybody who takes pleasure in hating a movie. In fact, quite the opposite, this is coming from somebody who tries to see good in anything that's bad regardless of how strong any negative feelings are. Eaters is one of few movies in some time where there is nothing to say redeeming about it.

It is hard to say where Eaters failed most heavily, but the acting is a definite contender here. Atrocious isn't describing it enough, with the yellow T-shirt guy and the biker leader agreed tied for the worst performances, the former looking like he both didn't want to be there and didn't have a clue as to what he was doing and the latter is more irritating than menacing. Everybody looks disengaged and stumble constantly through their lines, giving the already crass and awkwardly written dialogue- that is enough to make even a toddler feel dumb- even less fluidity than it already suffered from. The cardboard, stereotypical characters were not worth giving a toss about, they're all annoying and the bikers have no sense of presence and instead behave like idiots. The missing girl isn't on screen anywhere near long enough to make one care properly about the situation the characters are on or the basic story.

The story is another massive failing, there is nothing scary, suspenseful or tense about it, structurally it's choppy, a lot of scenes are so mind-numbingly stupid and pointless it was insulting and it just drags on and on with scenes stretched to interminability. There is nothing competent about the direction, which is literally all at sea, nor about the filming. The opening is alright, but everything else visually is unfocused to a dizzying degree, was starting to wonder whether the cameraman was drunk or something. Scenery is basic and drably lit, and the sound is so flat that hearing what was being said was difficult and sometimes like somebody trying unsuccessfully to tune a radio.

Overall, horrendously bad with nothing good to say in its favour. As someone who tries to be fair when viewing films/movies/shows Eaters really has to be one of the worst movies seen in quite a long time. 0/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by jamdifo 2 / 10

High School Filmaking

First off, the acting is atrocious. The guy that lost his girlfriend was so annoying. This movie is his only credit and should be for life. The rest of the cast has no more than 6 credits, and that includes numerous shorts. No real actors or talent here. The fight scenes are what you expect during rehearsals, that's how bad they look. No one is convincing, the group of 5 friends or the bikers. The townspeople is hard to tell, they never take off their potato sack masks.

I kept watching thinking maybe the effects would be good. Not at all. This is something you would expect from a high school student or earlier. There's a hilarious scene where the one friend is screaming over and over from getting tortured and yet his friends act like they don't hear anything, yet you as the viewer clearly hear his screams. Its that comical.

I gave it a 2 because somehow I sat thru this whole movie. Nothing is explained and it never gets good. Trust me and stay away.

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