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Reviewed by adi_2002 5 / 10

This will make you lose your appetite

Novella is an aspiring young actress who wants to advance and get a more important role in her career, so she goes to an audience but there are other girl who aim at the same purpose. Troubles begin when she discover some king of skin disease at her foot and arm and this will aggravate her path to success. Lucky for her that she has a friend who is along her when she needs but this may not be enough to solve all her problems.

I like this sort of a different idea put in a movie and although at first it seems like it's going to be a bad movie, with the good sound and camera work makes it to be better along with the acting witch is decent and overall it is a watchable film in comparison with others with a bizarre story or a boring one, this one keeps it plain and simple.

An unpopular horror with unknown actors who deserves more attention because I never seen a more unique movie like this one.

Reviewed by darijakondra 7 / 10

Interesting film for its genre

I saw this film a couple of years ago at the Denver Film Festival, and I thought it was interesting, however at moments it did feel a bit unnecessarily gory. At times it just felt if it was meant to satisfy all the demographics, who might like the similar, yet different elements of this genre.

Although I am a fan of low budget indi films, and even though the concept of this film was very interesting, the story however felt a little convoluted with unnecessary twists, that didn't really add to the actual quality of the film.

The performance of the main two actresses Meggie Maddock and Ali Frances were well done, however, the other performances didn't seem to stand the same ground. Like for instance, the performance by Jake Make, who played the character of the doctor, somehow just felt dry and two dimensional, hence loosing believability that I think was crucial for such a character.

Overall, for the genre this film is portraying, and the low budget it was made for, I believe this film stands its ground when it comes to its uniqueness.

Reviewed by ahao76 10 / 10

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished watching this movie 2 minutes ago and i came straight here to make this review.. It really makes me wide awake even when i watch it rather tired.. The actress and actors are well chosen for their roles.. Really got my full attention watching. Scenes captured in very detailed manner and captured my feelings too. The music and soundtrack fits in really good.. I love it so much.. I could also feel every emotion of the main lead (Novella McClure) in the movie. Kind of feel sorry for her when she encounter problems and stressed out. Its rather extreme the things she do to vent out her stress.. Apart from that she is quite pretty and attractive lady. Love the strong gore.. I'm not sure how others rate this movie and i don't care, its a 9/10 for me. But i still give 10/10 to show my appreciation for this movie. Well done to all the people who are involve in making this film. I love this movie so much.

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