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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maxgates 8 / 10

Uncomfortable subject matter, sensationalist presentation, sobering reality

At this risk starting some kind of flame war as a film Earth 2100 is flawed, the excessive use of graphics and visual treatment tries to add dynamism to essentially a factual and interview based documentary. I must to agree with the comments about low scores for these reasons though personally I give this an eight. In relation to the debate about global warming however, for a US market its very hard to get the message across: its not just going to happen out there beyond your borders, you are definitely going to feel the effects at home and even if you manage to insulate yourselves from the worst and are lucky with the changes of climate where you live, a good 60% of the worlds population will not be. Resource wars, highly erratic weather patterns, natural disasters, famine and massive migration like the world has never seen before, will happen. Everyone shares the responsibility.

Reviewed by meisen geige 10 / 10

Poignant Prescience

When viewing this film, I was not aware of the impressive group of scientists behind the theories proscribed, or the fact that it was based on a computerized worst case scenario. The animation at first did not appeal to me, but after awhile the heart warming story did grab my attention. I have been living in the same geographic area my entire life, so that has helped me to see many of these changes already occurring. This movie should appeal to your heart with the family story. The science behind it should appeal to those with an open and scientific mind. If you're close-minded and just want to rant and rate negatively, people will see through your motivations.

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