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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christiank7 1 / 10

So awful I do not even know whether to bother doing this crit

Firstly I would like to draw everybody's attention to the real news clips which are available on the internet. Please look at the people doing the rioting. They are definitely not represented in the movie. So the entire film has already gone from being a sort of quality approach to being pure fiction and not very good fiction at that. Secondly the style of the "LEBS" in the film was downright insulting and absolutely pathetic. I know Lebanese people and they are a great bunch even if some of their young offspring can get a bit wild and stupid now and then. Thirdly, to call this atrocious film a comedy is the only laugh associated with it. Funny it is NOT unless you belong to an IQ class below 70 and even then it would be hard to laugh. What is wrong with Australian film makers? I mean, the past 3 decades have seen an absolute decline in content and quality. If you Australians think that this sort of garbage goes down well internationally you are terribly mistaken. About time that the Australian Film Corporation is sacked in its entirety and start from fresh. The nature of the industry is so low that I am wondering whether it will ever get better again? It is disturbing because this reflects on the nature of how Australians are seen and believe me that the picture is not good. Great land but a pity about the people. That sums it up! For the sake of whatever you hold dear get a grip downunder!!!

Reviewed by Alfred Smith 3 / 10

Fails on many levels

Set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots in Australia, it is the story of how two carloads of adversaries seeking revenge accidentally meet. It is described as black comedy but technically that is incorrect because, by definition, a comedy has to be funny and the laughs in the movie are not only sparse but not very funny. The fact that the story is slow and quite boring doesn't help. The film has received some critical praise in Australia, but I'm of the opinion that it's only because Australian cinema is currently in a severe lull.

Perhaps it's aimed at a young audience, who may even enjoy it. I'm in my fifties and found it dull. Seriously consider waiting until a TV release and be disappointed then. At least you can change channels.

Reviewed by davidhinecpa 10 / 10

Black comedy, all is not what it seems..

Black comedy (in my mind) is an art form where you know you shouldn't laugh because the subject is taboo but you can't help yourself . And so is "Down Under".

Taken in a literal sense this movie doesn't work; but let's face it, if you want to watch a doco on the Cronulla riots go watch a doco. No, this is far deeper than that and frankly I thought it one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

The two main groups in the movie are such exaggerated clichés they are a parody of themselves, the stoners are too stoned to do anything; the "Lebs" are too busy arguing with each other to get anything done. They are all so hopeless its funny. None of them could organize a beer in a brewery. None.

I felt sympathy for Evan the downs syndrome lad; but he delivers some of the best comedic moments of the movie. In fact Evan was about the only likable person in the movie; he deserved to be looked after better than he was.

One of the highlights was David Field playing full-on rice queen Vic; selling a gun to one of the "Leb" gang.. with x-rated gay porn on the tele while discussed the deal with the gang members... champagne comedy and a role I'd never picture David in..

If you are part of the PC fun police, or are really immature or have a low IQ please don't bother with Down Under; you won't get it (or worse still, you will take it seriously... believe me it is not serious; it is a massive p*ss-take on the parties to the Cronulla riots.. in case you haven't figured that out by now..).

If you enjoy a good black comedy/satire; you'll struggle to do better in the genre. This is no mainstream film, but its a 10/10 for me.

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