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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LJ's Movies 7 / 10

LJ's QR: Light-Hearted Comedy + Relatable Characters


"Don't Think Twice", directed by Mike Birbiglia, is light-hearted comedy that follows the story of a small, six-member improv group called The Commune. The Commune is essentially a closely knit team, with each member complementing the other.

However, when Jack, an ambitious member of The Commune, gets the opportunity to join 'Weekend Live!' (a huge entertainment company), he faces a unique situation. He wants to achieve greater success, but doesn't want to leave his faithful and hardworking team behind.

The well-written script is elevated by the great organic performances put forth by Keegan-Michael Key (Jack), Gillian Jacobs, Birbiglia, and the rest of the cast. Every single character has moments of self-doubt, self-discovery, and emotional conflict.

Overall, "Don't Think Twice" is definitely a comedy worth watching because it explores the themes of envy, loyalty, and a sense of belonging through dynamic characters we can all relate to.

LJ's Grade: B

Reviewed by kristaz 4 / 10

Rather Boring

I did not care for this film. It was only funny sometimes, rather brooding most of the time, and all and all just another movie about a bunch of New Yorkers. Yawn. They called their improv troupe 'The Communes' but a better name for them would be 'The Communists' because this movie was about people working better together and about how that does not work in New York because, hey, this is the Big Apple and it's a dog eat dog world out there. No one was supportive of anyone in this film, most of all the biggest commie of them all and she was suppose to be the nice one. This movie might be decent enough to watch on Netflix if you don't mind fast forwarding to the few clever bits, but all in all, I would not even suggest bothering to do that. Pass.

Reviewed by Movie Watcher 1 / 10

Think Twice & Don't

A comedy/drama? NEITHER! Rather, a sad portrayal of a depressing troupe of self-proclaimed improvisational wannabes who collectively cling to the fantasy of TV stardom.

If there is any value to this film it's a lesson for people of how NOT to be, nor become: 1) each individual of the troupe egotistically believes, and as the pressure of their loser life builds, vocally expresses/vents/rants that the others lack the talent that they themselves possess, and 2) when one of them looks to have an opportunity of some success, the others rather than offer celebration and support, spew jealousy and vile.

The reality is they are ALL talent-less Adult Losers who in blatant denial refuse to give up on the hopeless and selfish dream that's bankrupting their future.

Is all that something to make a move about???

Also, it was a bit surreal watching this film try to portray their on-stage comedic performances: hysterically funny to the actor-audience in the film, but fell flatter than a dead cat to the theater audience.

Finally comes the "happy ending" that's tacked-on at the end so we'll all feel good as we exit the theater. But, rather than a resolve that is the result of some real-world personal growth, realization or achievement; the happy ending is the result of a financial inheritance (how Millennial!) from the just deceased father of one of the Losers, whose dying "thank you" they all mocked as he lay dying in a hospital as well as again the day they buried him.

Nice touch of humanity, eh?

No humor, no drama, nor nothing else of ANY entertainment value to be found here. As big a loser as the pathetic characters it portrays.

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