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Sean Pertwee as Sgt. Harry G. Wells
Kevin McKidd as Pvt. Cooper
Emma Cleasby as Megan
Liam Cunningham as Capt. Ryan
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Reviewed by dancingcancer41 8 / 10

A Bloody good British Horror and not a teen in sight!

If you are like me and are completly sick to death of the teen/college slasher horrors that hollywood seem to produce by the week then Dog Soldiers is then film for you. this film has everything for the true horror fan, a great story , good acting , lots of blood , tons of action and most importantly it's bloody scary. The film is about a group of soldiers on routine patrol in Scotland come across what seems to be a group of man eating beasts that turn out to be warewolf's and do their best to fight of the constant attack by the flesh eating beasts. What i like about the movie that while it has a good blend of horror and action it is also very amusing in parts to and unlike most hollywood horrors it it funny when the director means it to be! A classy way above average horror that you cant fail to enjoy. 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Greg 7 / 10

A good mix of horror and old time story telling

I can't explain why I picked up the DVD, Dog Soldiers off the video store shelf. The box art consisted of poorly drawn wolves and there was a tag line that read `From the producers of Hellraiser'. Normally this combination would have me wiping down the cover in an attempt to remove any evidence that my fingerprints were interested in pursuing the rental. But, somehow, Dog Soldiers worked its way into the Saturday night rental pile and once all other options were exhausted, there I was, reluctantly putting the DVD into the player and hoping that there would be enough of anything to entertain me until bedtime.

Dog Soldiers opens in Scotland, where two love struck campers are attacked by some creature in the middle of the night. Cut ahead a few weeks and we are introduced to a group of army trainees that are left in the woods as part of an exercise against a team of Special Forces. Lead by Sergeant Wells (Sean Pertwee) and motivated by Private Cooper (Kevin McKidd), the squad is surprised upon their first nightfall in the wild by a mutilated cow that is thrust into their campsite. Following the bloody trail of the animal, they are soon led to the massacred remains of the elite Special Forces team that was stationed in the same region. Evidence of a struggle was everywhere, but no bodies were immediately evident, except for the ramblings of the sole survivor, Captain Ryan (played by Liam Cunningham) who was severely injured during the night.

Within moments, the group is besieged by wolf-like creatures and run for their lives towards the tree line, where they are fortunate enough to cross paths with a young woman that takes the remaining soldiers to a remote farm house. As night progresses, onslaught upon onslaught is countered by the soldiers as they fight to keep the werewolves out of their new fortress, but some, one by one, they fall victims to the creatures hunger.

Dog Soldiers is one of those rare horror movies that actually works. The creature effects are better than most bigger budgeted werewolf movies States side, and there are a few genuine good scares and tension as mounted by writer/director Neil Marshall. What I also appreciated from the film was its sense of humour, or rather; it's lack of it. In today's horror genre, we are subjected to countless ‘Freddyisms' or inside jokes that make the Scream series such a box-office bonanza. However, Dog Soldiers checks its humour at the door and focuses on the characters and claustrophobic feel of being trapped in a surrounded country house. Actually, the only chuckle you will get in this film will is mixed with extreme horror and gore. It occurs in a scene where the family dog pulls on the intestines of the living Sergeant Wells and he fights with the dog for his innards while the troops fight off a wave of attacks by the wolves at the front door. You'll find yourself smiling and then grotesquely repulsed by the same scene that put a smile in your cheeks.

I am not saying that Dog Soldiers is perfect. Not by any means. But horror films have never really gotten any better over the years, as Hollywood still tries to recapture such terror as identified in The Exorcist or Alien. However, Dog Soldiers will entertain and isn't that all we are looking for?

Reviewed by Richard Brunton 9 / 10

Excellent movie, great script, dialogue and acting with superb DVD coverage

When the trailer first came out for this movie I was dead excited, it was a British film with a different slant on a well visited horror genre. It had also received some interesting quotes at it's festival showing, all giving you the impression that it was a good movie.

Then time took over and quotes and reviews dropped it down, then I just never got round to watching it. So when my first copy of the DVD was poor and I stopped watching half way through I was gutted, and had to wait a few days to get a replacement.

The movie is great fun and mixes two genres really well, that of real soldiers mixed up with a bizarre horror premise of Werewolves in Scotland. As they say in the making of, it's a story of Soldiers and Werewolves, not the other way around. So it is that the story starts out looking very realistic and feeling pretty normal, and it's slowly ramped up and pulled slightly sideways scene by scene until it's pretty much madness.

Saying that, the reactions and lines from the characters are all pretty much realistic. There aren't many Hollywood one liners, instead there are quips, swearing and straight denial that you get in real life when people are faced with difficult situations. It all feels like these are real people in a real situation.

The script is excellent for this very fact, but the actors lend a tremendous effort too. Sean Pertwee is a sadly under used talent, and he shows his colours here flying through scenes with the greatest of authority, and he's very well followed through by the rest of the soldier cast who all just seem so natural in their roles. All except for the female of the story who feels very much out of place and awkward, her lines all too unnatural.

The action and editing keeps going, and there are quite a few refreshing moments when traditional horror films would throw something that the characters, but here it doesn't happen. For that it's quite unpredictable and enjoyable. The action just keeps on coming with very few breaks, the Werewolves are unstoppable.

Not only are the unstoppable, they also look great. Big, hairy, scary, there's nothing that looks fake about them and they really do look menacing.

Overall it's a great fun film and the experience on DVD is so much better than so many others I've seen. Plus it's British, quite original, full of movie references and with some great actors.

I have never enjoyed an audio commentary as much as I have with Dog Soldiers. It's hilarious and the guys involved sound like they had such a laugh doing the movie, never mind the commentary.

I've just watched the second audio commentary by the US Producers, and I was surprised again that I've learnt so much more about the movie again. There are so many more hidden references and character\story connections that I'd missed. This truly is the first DVD that I've watched where the audio commentaries are so strong.

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