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Andy Dick as Rick Vice
Marshall Cook as Mitch DePrima
Bryan Callen as Denny Dawson
Michael Jace as Roy Goodwyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whatsup-lizard 10 / 10

Sport's comedy at it's finest! (Contain Spoiler)

This review contains a spoiler. This movie was very funny. It had me lol throughout the movie. I cannot think of too many sport films that are funny like "Division III: Football's Finest." I can definitely see myself watching this movie again. The coach is funny and the players are terrified of his tactics to coach the team. The coach is crazy, but what other choice does the Division 3 school have. The schools football program is in jeopardy, so they either go big or lose the media attention that the school needs to be successful. The movie seems to be centered around comedy, but I can see how it also focuses on the main idea for the team to win many important games. He needed help and he eventually got it through a determined defensive or offensive coordinator.

Reviewed by Sparky73 9 / 10

Not Just For Hardcore Dick Fans

Division II: Football's Finest pulls off a minor miracle given the budget, which according to Marshall Cook, ran to hundreds of thousands rather than millions. Avoiding the cheese of Friday Night Lights, it gives a gag-filled twist to the age old come-from-behind sports movie in the form of berserk coach Rick Vice, played by comic madman Andy Dick, and his assistant coach, played by hilarious scene-stealer Paul Henderson. The duo stand out amid a fine cast, thanks to some creative swearing, inspired improvisation and good old fashioned physical violence.

Writers Marshall Cook, Paul Henderson and Andy Dick playfully subvert lots of sports film clichés while sticking to a well-loved formula. The football scenes are beautifully shot, and it's laugh-out-loud funny. The endlessly quotable dialogue and Andy Dick's insane turn make it an instant cult classic.

Reviewed by kingofsoloman 10 / 10

I'm not a fan of Dick but this movie had me craving more!!!

Let's be perfectly clear about this movie, it is a Division III movie just like the school they play for. However this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life. Andy Dick shines as the lunatic coach and carries this movie on his back. His lines alone make this movie worth seeing. He embodies every football coach cliché ever thought of and takes them beyond reality but in the most realistic way. The rest of the cast drop clever one liners and hit all their marks in probably one of the most unexpected comedy classic movies ever created. You might not ever see any of these actors again in a movie but they can rest assured knowing that they made a great one that should be considered as a cult classic movie!!!

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