Despite the Falling Snow


Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Rebecca Ferguson as Katya / Lauren
Antje Traue as Marina
Charles Dance as Old Alexander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by newjersian 2 / 10

A laughable movie

Maybe for a western movie goer who doesn't know the realities of the former Soviet Union that soap opera is watchable. But for people who came from behind the iron curtain this movie looks like a good parody. In every detail: clothes, make ups, looks of the soviet streets and people,the shown events everything is unbelievably wrong.It always makes you wonder on why the film makers spent millions on producing such a movie, but couldn't they hire a consultant? The mistakes they made are so plentiful that, where I should've cried for a beautiful Katya, I couldn't hold my giggles. Unfortunately, that movie was dubbed in Russian language and shown there in many movie theaters. I can only imagine with what epithets the Russian viewers commented the film. Many times I read in the Russian newspapers that Americans are stupid. And what can they think after watching that rubbish?

Reviewed by Lovely 6 / 10


I am surprised this film has an average rating since the acting is great. Rebecca Ferguson is her beautiful talented self again and her versatility is once again displayed. Sharif did a great job casting and directing her as lead. I want to thank Shamim for the little but breathtaking scenes between Rebecca and Antje it was fireworks. I mean who can resist such striking blue eyes. I would've liked more scenes between them because their characters are not as developed although understandably so of course. I like films about war and I am a sucker for romance so I get two things I like in one film. Antje's eyes will get her anywhere and of course her talent and if you're a fan of Rebecca and Sharif then you have to see this film. Loved it so much.

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