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Reviewed by victor-221 9 / 10

Wow! This is one terrific documentary!

First, I'm shocked to be the first reviewer of this documentary. Second, this is a solid, substantial, entertaining and overall well-made documentary about Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea to hold a basketball game between former NBA players and the North Korean team on Jan.8, 2014 for Kim Jong-un's birthday. Completely entertaining. The cameras are there for it all so we really get to see "from the inside" all that happened. And you do get to see a side of North Korea that's rarely seen. I mean their ski resort looks first-class. (too bad no one is there to actually get to use it except the party elite). The narration is spot-on, funny and keeps the documentary moving. The big question is: was this entire event a giant propaganda show for the benefit of a ruthless totalitarian dictatorship? The documentary pulls no punches but is quite fair in presenting both sides. I also give kudos the camera team who came off with some terrific shots, most notably when Rodman returns from North Korea the first time and is absolutely mobbed by the press. The camera captures every moment of what I would describe as a media riot. I love a good documentary that entertains and educates me as well as gives me something to think about. This should not be missed!

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