Deadly Blessing



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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Sharon Stone as Lana Marcus
Ernest Borgnine as Isaiah Schmidt
Jeff East as John Schmidt
Michael Berryman as William Gluntz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pumaye 6 / 10

Amish Paradise

A solid shocker, ruined by a botched story and a ridicolous finale, but already demonstrating the greatness of his director, Wes Craven. A couple of scenes in the movie (like the dream spider sequence with a young and pretty Sharon Stone, and the almost heartstopping snake in the bath scene) are really good and even the movie is good for more than half is length. Alas, the botched explanation of the resolution of the story (really stupid and very similar to another movie of those years - Sleepaway Camp) and the really ridicolous demon apparition at the end of the movie soften the total impact of this otherwise more than watchable thriller with mildly supernatural tones.

Reviewed by suspiria10 7 / 10

Cool little Craven tale.

A nifty little thriller that involves three best friends consoling each other after the murder of one of their husbands. Out in the middle of rural USA the ladies are threatened by the local religious sect (the Hitites) for which the husband was once a part of. It seems one of the Hitites incubi is on the loose killing the yokels and not even the sheriff can stop it. A good cast of recognizable faces (Sharon Stone, Ernest Borgnine, Michael Berryman, etc) and an above average (but not very original) script into a sometimes thrilling film. Did anyone notice that the bathtub scene looks very familiar (think NOES). Suspiria10 says B-

Reviewed by deadlyfriend78 10 / 10


I saw this film just this year, and I must say it is well worth the effort put into it! It is a theological statement that exludes the usual he said/she said gobblygook about :organized religion and goes on to tell the story of young Martha Schmidt(T.V.'s very gorgeous Maren Jenson of "Battlestar Galactica")Who is living a happy life until her husband(Doug Barr) is killed off y his own tractor! She invites her two friends, Lana Marcus(A very young and naive Sharon Stone) and Vicki Anderson( played out gloriously by "Grease"'s Susan Buckner)to come and help her out through the grieving process. they all soon under go some of the most terrifyingly brilliant situations, that include Snakes, Barns, Hitittes, Guns, Chickens! etc. and all bring them down to a terrifying conclusion! This film was one of Craven's most unsuccesful when it came to money making, but was indeed succesful when it came to scares! The acting is brilliant(thanks to Maren Jenson, and most importantly, Susan Buckner) and the James Horner musical score is chilling. A must see for ALL craven fans!

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