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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rushknight 2 / 10

"We're hackers. If we can't do this then no one else can."

It's all here. Wooden acting, terrible plot, cheesy special effects, lots of ridiculous and campy choreography.. And killing everyone. Just, killing everyone all over the dang place.

While I haven't watched the original yet (on my to-do list), the sequel is terrible. It's just hammy and hokey all throughout. I knew beforehand that I was about to watch a solid "B" class movie, but wow man. This one is just sub-par.

Mr. Prior (the writer) is apparently behind on the times, as his portrayals of nearly every facet of the world appear to be built entirely on clichés and stereotypes. The actions undertaken by the bad guys are far removed from typical military procedure. The evil villain was so cruel and vicious to his loyal soldiers that a few good facepalms were in order. Why would anyone sign up for that sort of abuse? Because they needed jobs? Ha ha! That's a good one.

The "hackers" seemed to have given Mr. Prior a particularly nasty writer's headache, as every bit of their dialogue was absolutely just hilariously bad and demonstrated a profound lack of technical computer skills. The audience members were also a great laugh, although I was a little confused about how they were watching a live internet feed on the TV at their favorite watering hole, and apparently doing so for nearly 12 hours.

The acting was either wooden and unbelievable or uproariously excessive. There was no middle ground.

There were some great moments though. As one reviewer mentioned, the villain at one point claims to have killed more people than cancer. Now THAT is a great line. I loved it.

Overall, the film was pretty boring. Even the action parts were handled slowly and cleanly to be point of being hard to watch.

I wanted to enjoy this, but there just really wasn't much to enjoy.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

True that

Colonel Hogan(David Campbell)is back after 27 years of rotting in prison and he surely is very very angry.He gets released and immediately seeks out his revenge on Mike Danton(Ted Prior),extremely skilled soldier and total killing machine,the star of "Deadly Prey"(1987).But this time Hogan want to broadcast his revenge over the Internet.The cameras in the woods are filming every moment of carnage as Mike Danton kills dozens of armed soldiers via Rambo-like traps and his deadly weapons."Deadliest Prey" is very watchable and vastly entertaining action/survival flick with plenty of mindless violence.Prior still looks as menacing as ever and Campbell is delightfully over-the-top as the main villain.Three hackers are quite annoying,though.Overall,pretty cool homage to "Deadly Prey".8 severed arms out of 10.

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