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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by T Cady 8 / 10

An All around well crafted crime thriller

"Deadfall," is the story of a brother and sister, Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) ,that decide to split up and go their separate ways after a botched robbery and car accident. Through a chance meeting and a twist of fate, the brother and sister are again reunited on Thansgiving day, one that turns out to be anything but a great Holiday for all parties (the siblings, a young police woman, a husband and wife, and Liza's new love interest, a former Olympic medalist boxer that has just got out of prison.

The Good: The acting all around was solid. Eric Bana pulls this one off well especially considering he had to kill his Australian accent in favor of a southern U.S. one. Olivia Wilde also pulled off her role, but it's hard to tell, and I am definitely biased as she is great eye candy, and has such beautiful sexy eyes. Charlie Hunnam who plays an ex-Olympic Boxer turned ex-con, shows some skill as well and proves why everyone loves the "Son's of Anarchy" series.

The writing was well done, and the setting and scenery does nothing to hurt a good movie. There are a few action scenes that keep you from losing interest through the drama. Once again having the distraction of the delicious Olivia Wilde also does the trick as well. The intertwining stories which sometimes can be overused and cliché these days was done in a rather good fashion that made it a worthy way of making a movie. The character's themselves were well built so that you find yourself not really hating any of them, and then again don't love any of them either, which is a real credit and not easy to do without making people lose interest and feel indifferent altogether.

The Bad: I would have liked at some point to have seen a lot more of the actual robbery. Kris Kristofferson , although supposed to be playing a hardened ex-detective, still comes off a little too wooden. I also, personally anyway, can't stand Treat Williams, who is a B-movie guy at best.

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Reviewed by Jack_Rabbit_Slims91 7 / 10

Decent story, interesting, thrilling, violent and good performances.

DEADFALL is about a criminal brother and sister duo Addison and Liza (Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde) who separate in freezing blizzard conditions after their car hits a deer and kills their driver. Addison begins a killing spree which police are soon on the scene warning nearby residents that he is on the loose.

Liza meanwhile is on the verge of freezing to death when she is picked up by Jay (Charlie Hunnam), a man just released from prison who was planning on visiting his folks for thanksgiving (Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek). What this all leads up to is a relationship blossoming between Jay and Liza and Addison finding out information about his sisters whereabouts and holding Jay's parent hostage in the family home.

This final 20 minute segment is where the main actors shine: Bana is incredibly disturbing as the villain taking control of the situation; Wilde displays the perfect blend of manipulation, ambiguity and in the end, good heartedness; Kristofferson honestly looked comatomsed the entire film and Spacek had an unsettling calmness about her despite having a gun pointed at her head for half of her performance. The awfully cute and decent Kate Mara is also prominently featured as a young female cop assisting into the investigation, and her asshole sergeant father is played by Treat Williams. Recommended, a decent movie with plenty of thrills and enjoyable story.

Reviewed by MagyarRose 10 / 10

What a winner

Haven't seen a crime thriller this good in ages, with such fast moving pace but excellent character development at the same time.

The screenplay is exciting and observant of human psychology. The acting is superb, and I guess the directing had a lot going for it too. Like the perfect storm,this just all came together and did a job of stirring me up good.

The tension built up from the start with Addison and what we learn about him and his coach. The relationship between the sheriff and his daughter, and the how the men treated her, and her stoic dealing with, I could not have handled it.

The relationship between the siblings was ambiguous but inspiring at the same time. The relationship in the family between the spouses and the son was written with such deft strokes which said so much.

The actors were fabulous. Especially at the dinner table at the climax of the story. The mother, Sissy Spacek, had such easy going wisdom about her but exploded with outraged indignation when pushed beyond the limit.

Loved the way the brother got the "L" word out of the protagonist in the climactic denouement. And it left you in the end wondering how the story would go on with our antiheroes.

One of those screenplays where you just fall in love with the bad guy and it just kills you to know he is fated, and that he has written his own tragedy as well as having been written by it.

Look forward to more of Zach Dean's screenplays.

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