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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daddy Lunatic 5 / 10

Not salty enough for me. Needs more blood.

If you like mystery monsters you'll appreciate this film. I liked the plot but I would have liked to learn a bit more of the history of the characters. I was lost at the beginning but towards the end it came full circle. Way too many settings. Enough to make you dizzy. You'll be in one place and before you can blink you're somewhere else. And it had just the right amount of flashbacks. Some films get carried away with those. I don't think they used any CG in this movie which I liked as well. It has gorgeous actresses that didn't act all ditsy or brainless — well not all of them — like most horror flicks. The dialog was a bit quiet in some parts where I could barely hear them speaking. Not a movie that would make me wake up in a cold sweat making sure all my body parts were still there. Anybody want to go swimming?

Reviewed by phantasmda 1 / 10

One of the worst films I've seen in a long time

Pro's: It ends.

Con's: It's boring, boring to the point of complete tedium.

The characters are the most, miserable, nasty and downright unlikable cast you will ever see. I literally wanted them ALL to die.

The effects, they're aren't any, a little bit of blood in the water and lump of rubber that jabs into a leg over and over as the camera shakes around all over the place, so you can't tell what you are looking at. You NEVER see the monster barring a quick flash of some kind of teeth in the last few minutes.

The plot, seriously, it actually does have a nice idea in there somewhere but the story just keeps jumping from one set of people in one location, to another set in another location, while trying to cleverly follow about 5 different story threads. It just becomes confusing and fails miserably. The actual monster plot takes up about 5 minutes of the whole film, the rest might just as well have been a dull family drama.

The camera work, sound and lighting in this film are dreadful. Shaky camera work, bad lighting and sound that at some points, is so low that you can't hear anything and then in other parts, it's loud and bellowing.

The artwork for the poster is misleading and the people named on the poster are only in it for a few minutes. James Duvall must have about 2 or 3 minutes of screen time, it's ridiculous.

All in all a really dull, boring and poorly made, horror (sniggers) film. Avoid!

Reviewed by mrlmann1 1 / 10

Just Bad

I'm not sure if I watched the same movie as the other people on this comment section or people have no taste in movies anymore, or these people work for the production company but this film is "just bad". The comments and trailer makes it out to be this great monster movie. It was just a mess, the writing, the acting, the effects the lack of scares, or lack there of, and the guy from Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith should be banned from acting because I have seen boards act in a more exciting manner than he did. The story is all over the place from a action to a bad, bad B movie horror flick. I just did not get any of it and I think I even dosed off a couple of time during it. A sea monster showing up every 30 years? Does he have a clock and a calender? I really should have turned it off after the first 15 minutes but I figured maybe, just maybe it would get better but it never did. The poster kinda resembles Piranha and who ever put together the trailer I give the one star because they got me to watch this trash. Otherwise the movie just stinks of bad rotten sea monster.Oh and by the way where was the monster? I was waiting for his or her grand entrance but all I got is a few peeks and some groaning, roaring or whatever the sound crew had in their short list of monster sounds. If you want to watch a move about the water then you can watch this move because it stinks like dead fish.

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