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Cole Hauser as Dwight
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Nestor Carbonell as Santiago
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 6 / 10

Decent spy thriller with no story to hold it together.

Luke Goss is a good almost Jason Statham most of the time. This time it is almost Statham in one of his lesser roles. Suspend all reality if you wish to enjoy this one. It has the action, and the tense musical score, but it falls on it's face every time it tries to be a complete story. This almost unreal CIA "partner" could be left out of the story altogether if he wasn't needed to stop things from being too easy for Goss' character. oh well. it's new, and it's there so what are you gonna do? The shame of it is the effort that you can see went into making this, and it really would have been more Enjoyable with more work on the story, the people in front of, and behind the camera seemed to be trying hard to make it work anyhow. I do not really recommend this movie, I just think it should be a maybe for someone who just likes action, and cares nothing for plot.

Reviewed by Tony Heck 4 / 10

The kind of movie that you forget what your watching as you watch, which really hurts the end.

"If you come clean to me, if you confess then maybe I'll let you live." After Michael Shaughnessy (Goss) wakes up he begins to piece together what happened to him. He was thrown out of a plane and left for dead and now he wants revenge. He tracks his target to a Mexican drug trafficking ring and infiltrates it. He seems to slip in too easy but the farther in he goes the more dangerous and twisted it becomes. There isn't really all that much to say about this one. Another in the long line of B rate action movies that are at the same time generic and not sure of what they want to be. There are some good action scenes in this that keep you interested but then other scenes slow it way down and makes it hard to stay interested in. Unfortunately the boring scenes take up most of the movie and by the end you don't really get the emotion the movie was going for. This type of movie has been redone a million times and it needed something more to keep you interested. Overall, the kind of movie that you forget what your watching as you watch, which really hurts the end. I give this a C.

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