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Nick Carter as Jack
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Debra Wilson as Apocolypta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Clay Loomis 2 / 10

90's Hearthrobs Make a Movie

If you think that a bunch of 1990's boy-band singers getting together to make a zombie/western movie in 2016 was a bad idea, you'd be right. It looks and sounds exactly like what you'd imagine; just awful.

Looking at the disparity in the votes between male and female on this one makes me think a large number of women, who were about 14 in 1995, checked in to scope out their old crushes, and they still have a thing for them (it would explain all the "10" votes for this). Nothing wrong with old infatuations, but I think their fond memories of these guys had them overlooking some very big flaws in Dead 7.

A good screenplay is the basis for any good film, and good actors are needed to get those words effectively on screen. This movie has neither of those things. In fact, this is just tough to watch all the way through. There is nothing here to draw your interest. No sympathetic characters, no witty banter, not even any fancy CGI.

The point is, unless you were a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys, 'NSync, O-Town or 98 Degrees, you're just wasting your time watching this.

Reviewed by nikodesign 7 / 10

An entertaining movie despite it's cheesiness

It's not the movie of the year, far, very very veeeery far from that. But, well...I enjoyed it.

Despite the ridiculous acting of Apocalypta and a hardly believable scenario, the whole thing gets itself together and is surprisingly entertaining. The action is decent enough to keep you hooked and the rhythm of the whole thing doesn't give you too much of a break to think about the plot holes.

All in all it was a fun experience which I would recommend to any lover of braindead zombie movies (no pun intended). Or anyone who doesn't mind indulging into some Syfy productions.

Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 7 / 10

Not exactly larger than life but offers good (dirty) pop entertainment

If it's tearing up your heart to the point that you are inconsolable that most boybands of the last millennium are no more, fright not... Because here's a bunch of them, ready to kick some zombie ass black & blue.

Nick Carter who came up with the idea and wrote the script also stars alongside fellow Backstreet Boys members Howie Dorough (as a funny Mexican) and AJ McLean (who does his best Sid Haig in House Of 1000 Corpses impression in his role, where Nick is going more for Clint Eastwood).

He also get 2 Nsync members together again; Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, as well as a couple of members from O-Town who I really know nothing at all about but they are Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick and Erik-Michael Estrada as a Bushido master.

As well as Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees and latino pop singer Jon Secada plays a sheriff with a one of a kind (fake) side-burn that seems to be ready to be falling, falling off at any minute.

It's a SyFy movie though so those kind of goofs are expected and sure the budget could have been bigger but again a low budget is to be expected of the company that specialises in 'so good it's bad' movies.

Perhaps Nick Carter could have spent a little more time on the script making it less incomplete but everybody got to show us what they're made of so even though it doesn't leave a permanent stain on your heart it's an amusing zombie flick, and this I promise you.

Anyways I need to quit playing games as I've given all I have to give in this review and running slow on song-references to randomly put in it so bye, bye, bye. I'm gone.

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