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Tina Louise as Helen Crane
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Dabbs Greer as Doc Langer, Veterinarian
William Schallert as Preston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whpratt1 10 / 10

White western

This 1959 black and white Western story had very eerie photography which was about a town with very few people, high in the mountains, snow covered and plenty of fog. It had some very depressing scenes with hardly any groceries on the store shelves and very few bottles of booze behind the bar. Horses and men had trouble walking in the snow and you never knew who was going to kill who, a horse was even killed because it fell and broke his leg. Burl Ives,(Jack Bruhn) did not sing a song, but gave orders to his men, and kept them from any women or drink. Bruhn sort of took over the town and layed the law down and had a bullet removed without even a drop of booze to ease the pain. Robert Ryan(Blaise Starrett) was in love with a married woman and managed to leave the town and then return as a hero. Tina Louise (Helen Crane) was the sweetheart of this film and Elisha Cook Jr.,"I Wake Up Screaming" and "Rosemary's Baby", was a barber in this picture, however, you never saw him give a haircut, nor his usual bulging eyes and nervous looks. Believe it or not, there was some laughs in this film, especially when the men were allowed to dance with the few local woman, they went wild and just jumped and threw them all around, only to try to get a kiss. This is still a classic film and is worth viewing.

Reviewed by AKA_Paul_Murphy 9 / 10

Hard as nails Classic, The Asphalt Jungle meets the Wild Bunch

I love this film because the main character, Blaise Starret does his best to fit into a changing society that holds none of the values of the times he grew up in, in this case the coming of civilisation and big business to the Wild West where he was a gunslinger in the past.

What also made Starret compelling was although not mentioned, but hinted at, he might have been as a bad a person as any of the gang of outlaws ,lead by Burl Ives's Jack Bruhn, that ride in and take over the town.

It was for this reason that he lead the outlaws out into the blizzard to their deaths, and most likely his as well.

I found this theme of heroic self sacrifice more believable than the garbage that Hollywood spews out.

The theme of change was in stark contrast to the Wild Bunch where Bishop and Engstrom was unable to change with the times (surprisingly Deke Thornton, played by Robert Ryan, is a similar character to Starret as he had to change, did Sam Peckinpah get the idea of Thrornton from Day of the Outlaw?) Back to the film, overall, it was great, tough acting by all concerned, particularly Ryan and Ives, taut direction, beautiful cinematography, I have never scene such striking images of snowstorms and snow capped mountain landscapes, and a satisfying storyline.

If you get a chance to see this, do it!

Reviewed by planktonrules 8 / 10

Fresh enough to merit a watch

I must admit up front that I am not a huge fan of Westerns and the biggest reason I watched this film was because it had Robert Ryan in it. For some time, I have thought that Ryan was one of the best "unknown" actors, as he appeared and even starred in quite a few films but most people today have no idea who he was. My admiration for him is because he looked a lot like an ordinary guy (since he wasn't overly handsome) but despite this, his performances always seemed so realistic. He really was a heck of a good actor and his work in this film is no exception.

DAY OF THE OUTLAW isn't a great Western but it is different enough from the average film that it seems fresh enough to merit watching. What I particularly liked is how the first 15 minutes or so of the film turned out to be not at all directly related to where the film went next. Not knowing the plot, this really took me off guard--and I like when a film isn't easy to predict.

I also liked the idea of a gang of thugs invading and holding a town hostage--though this idea has been done before in Westerns (FIRECREEK) and non-Westerns (THE WILD ONE). What made this one stand out more from the others is that this group wasn't just bad in the usual sense, they were moral degenerates--rapists and sadists, not just socipaths or thieves. Plus, the idea of a strong but wounded leader (Burl Ives) trying to control these sick freaks was fascinating--as was the final showdown.

All in all, a very good film and one you should try to find due to its intelligent script and excellent acting.

By the way, one reviewer said they felt Burl Ives was wrong for the part since in real life he was a nice-guy folk singer. Well, with gritty previous roles in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and THE BIG COUNTRY, I would certainly have to disagree with the sentiment, as Ives played the heavy in movies about as often as he played a good guy.

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