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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
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Judy Greer as Cornelia
Andy Serkis as Caesar
Jason Clarke as Malcolm
Gary Oldman as Dreyfus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Straton 4 / 10

Incoherent, predictable, boring.

I wonder why this movie has such a high rating. This tricked me into going to the theater to watch it. So, a virus kills most people on earth. At the same time the apes evolve and become intelligent. Of course this has to happen over generations and not just by the passing of time in the same individuals, but let's say it happened. And so the plot holes begin:

All the human survivors are gathered in one building in the middle of San Fransisco. What are they eating? Do they grow the earth? -No

Do they raise livestock? -No.

Are they near a spring or well to have fresh running water? -No.

Are they dressed in animal skins or primitive hand made clothes? -No, they use 10 or 15 year old clothes and look great.

So all these people together produce a lot of waste, what happens to it? -Nothing, probably use the sewers which are capable of functioning forever without any maintenance of any kind. Probably the writers imagined the survivors using the toilet and flushing and the water appearing magically from taps, showers and toilets...

What do they really need? -Power to charge the i-Pad to see the old photos. Of course they cannot go to the nearest refinery or gas depot and fill a tanker truck, but they risk their lives going to the mountains against angry intelligent apes, because the radio uses a lot of power and the nuclear plant doesn't work any more. Makes perfect sense.

And of course when they repair the dam the power magically transfers to the city, tenths of miles far, because of course poles do not fall down and cables don't cut after 10 or 15 years without maintenance just like the sewers.

The apes can all talk, and the villain ape has English accent. They prefer to use sign language though because a language which is useless in the dark or even just when the other person is not looking at you is superior to a spoken language.

And which is the best way to test guns? By shooting them, because 10-15 years old or older guns with out any kind of maintenance never blow up in your face when you try to shoot them.

And then the apes learn to use the guns and they shoot literally thousands of rounds without ever reloading. No need to reload in wonderland... I, personally had one year of training for my military service, and I am still not sure how to use a weapon I was not trained with but hey I m not an ape!

A lot more stupidity from the writers and finally, the human warns the apes that the army is coming to wipe them out, but the ape leader which through the entire movie is depicted as intelligent, moderate and cautious does not order to hide in the woods. Instead he stays in the city waiting for the army.

The characters are a joke, especially the bad guys, and generally don't spend any money on this if you are over 16 years old. Don't watch it altogether if you are under 16 years old because it is full of stupid and meaningless violence...

Reviewed by Paynebyname 6 / 10

Disappointing. One step forward in CGI, two steps backward in story telling

I had been really looking forward to Dawn but it was a wasted opportunity in my opinion.

I liked how in the original that you felt for Caesar and the apes and their plight was a simple one in just wanting to get to the forest. Okay an origin story always offers more meat but it had me a lot more involved than Dawn which was ultimately a leadership struggle film.

I felt this film was weaker because it descended into the rather cliched dad trying to connect with his son, 2nd in command wants to take over, they have a big bust up at the end. If the main protagonists were humans and not superbly rendered apes, I think some more might think the story a little predictable, almost like the Lion King.

It's like how I thought the first was clever for showing the monkey strengths and ingenuity in outsmarting the humans. However in this film the monkeys wouldn't actually have been any good at aiming the guns or reloading. So although cool seeing them fire guns, the humans would still have had a tactical advantage.

I'm not saying this to be a spoil sport for the action scenes but it was lazy film making that the makers didn't then think of a clever way to use the monkey strengths to get round this tactical weakness.

Fox bundled the original director out of the way for daring to want to make something of equal calibre and switched in Reeves to create an inferior sequel that hit all of the generic blockbuster marks but had no real heart. Maybe this is proof that recreating the 'lightening in a bottle' of Rise does require a little more time and effort than simply throwing money at special effects.

For me it was one step forward in the technology and CGI but two steps back in the story telling. In Rise, the effects aided the story. In Dawn, they were the story.

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