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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10

Boyle And Garland Should Sue

Oh a zombie apocalypse ! Just what the world needs - not . You can understand why they're popular with low to no budget film makers because all it needs to take one is a small handful of extras , a quiet morning to film on some deserted streets and you've got a movie , one that you've probably seen a dozen times and were probably bored by the second , third or fourth time

So what's so different about this one ? you may ask and in reply all I can say is not much at all . If you've seen Boyle and Garland's 28 DAYS / WEEKS LATER there's very little new here . In fact the story starts with a young man waking up on a beach and the entire early segment is structured exactly like the beginning of Boyle's film on a mis en scene level except it's set in Brighton instead of London . Even the music is similar to 28DL . The only time the film goes its own way is in an inferior manner where the uninfected do illogical things like have a house party ! I know Brighton has a reputation for hedonism but this is too much on a credibility level . It also copies the illogical plot turns of 28 DL where a wimpish middle class student is able to kill battle hardened squaddies with his bare hands . I know Britain's military reputation has plummeted after Iraq and Afghanistan but you'd think a soldier would get the better of a student once in a while

Searching on the internet I found out DARKEST DAY cost less than £1,000 to make , was shot over a long period of time . In other words it's a labour of love Unfortunately as an audience member I am under no obligation to love any film . It might have worked better if it had a bigger budget , a more developed screenplay and a better cast but you could say that about most films that aren't Hollywood blockbusters

Reviewed by tendought 1 / 10

Holy Crap

AVOID this "movie"... The makers did a lot of work to give their endeavor a boost in rating. At the time writing this review 57% of all voters rated it a 10... 248 fake accounts!? I am a big fan of walker/zombie flicks and I watched a lot. Darkest Day belongs to the worst kind: amateur-cinematography, "actors" who can't act at all. No budget. No story. I guess even no script. No nothing... If u want to waste money and/or lifetime this movie is for you. If you don't want to get ripped off just skip this piece. It's even hard to fill the 10 lines demanded for reviews cuz this movie doesn't deserve that amount of work.

Reviewed by digger01 1 / 10

Worst film ever

I just don't know where to start with this... The script is terrible the acting is worse and the cameraman must have been drunk, half the shots are out of focus, I think they were looking for a shaky camera effect to cover the bad acting but all it did was make me dizzy. To say the acting was bad would be an insult to the term 'poor', the lead Dan played by Dan Rickard, kinda held it together but only just however they didn't receive any help from the script. In essence, this is nothing more than a zombie based movie poorly executed, its been done over so many times to the point where its boring. Personally I think if a classroom of 6th graders, armed only with their cell phone's could've achieved a more realistic production.

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