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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
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Missy Keating as Niamh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Angel Metayer 7 / 10

Chilling & Tingling

The tale of Niamh (in the move it sounds as though they are saying Neve) and the sexual molestation and child abuse she deals with is chilling. This movie grips you from the very beginning. The actress who plays the abused child is well remembered and captures your attention completely. To see the physical abuse manifest into a psychic ability of self-defense is astounding. As Niamh flees from the death of her parents and baby brother, into the arms of another family, you see her protectiveness take shape. Albeit in an extremely violent fashion. As she learns what it is, and how to control it, Niamh faces what will be the biggest challenge of her life. Herself I highly recommend watching this movie. Beware, however, the director does not play to those who are sensitive.

Reviewed by anonymim 6 / 10

Well acted, atmospheric, and more than a little unsettling.

It's clear from many of the other reviews, as well as the film's unfairly low rating, that a good percentage of today's audiences remain uncomfortable with ambiguity and lack of closure. I for one think these qualities are sorely lacking in modern film, and desperately needed in greater abundance in the horror genre in particular. Yes, it might have been nice to get some "origin event" or background on/explanation of her powers (and what's the deal with that whistling trick?), but this is not a film concerned with plot. Instead it is much more focused on capturing the horror inherent in its primary POV--the paranoid, emotionally detached, and deeply disturbed perspective of an abused girl. Leaving the audience in the dark, so to speak, with regards to exactly what is going on and why is in perfect keeping with that aim. With that said, I did think it went overboard in the final scenes, and that the addition of her two sidekicks was unnecessary. Nevertheless, I still rate it a worthy addition to the sub-genre of horror ("Carrie", "May", "Alice, Sweet Alice", etc.) that successfully evokes extreme unease from the fragile and volatile psyche of a damaged little girl.

Reviewed by Mount Russmore 9 / 10

Would you recognize good horror if it stabbed you in the face?

The major complaint people seem to be making about "Dark Touch" is that it's main character's actions are pointless. Nothing could be farther from the truth! This was a creepy, beautifully filmed and incredibly sad little indie horror film. The best horror cinema uses the supernatural to shine a light on the real life horrors of this world, Marina de Van's portrait of an abused child's psyche is disturbingly realistic and deeply unsettling.

I won't spoil any of the scenes, but I will discuss the "point" of this movie which so many people don't seem to "get": our experiences shape us, sometimes evil can destroy innocence even at an early age. To an abused child, even an act of kindness can seem monstrous.

If we were to see the world through the eyes of a damaged child, we would see a world where trust was impossible, where nightmares have no end, where there is no difference between an act of love and an act of cruelty. That is true horror.

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