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Katharine Isabelle as Julia Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TJMBuddlake 7 / 10

Intense action movie

For DZ's first feature film, I thought he did a pretty phenomenal job, though I felt some moments he kinda felt stoic and not portraying enough emotion. The emotional backdrop of Ray Thompson's loss of his son was one thing I thought he shined with. He's a bit of natural, he's got it there but just needs to improve and show that he can take up a serious role. The story was absolutely intense, from the chases to the brawls to the crazy explosive escape. Everything was top there! It's no masterpiece but it's another great cop film with a very tense premise and real life atmosphere. My only disappointment was the WWE Live event setting, i thought it was going to be the main setting of the entire movie kinda like Sudden Death with Van Damme. All of the live action was just within the first act but the last half of the movie was just as intense as the beginning. Countdown is great but far from any action set masterpieces such as Die Hard. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by James 1 / 10

Waste of time.

I'm sorry but the film was just horrible. I watched it the other day, and it felt like a 10 hour long film rather than a less than 2 hour one. The acting from the protagonist was so bad that I fell asleep several times watching it. Don't listen to the other reviewers.

I have watched other WWE movies in the past, so the measuring stick for this movie wasn't that big going in and despite that, this movie couldn't reach the top of it. There are other wrestlers in WWE who could be great actors if given the chance, but the promotion is very corrupt and biased, so only the backstage favorites get that chance. I wish they would let someone that can act get an opportunity like this for once.

Reviewed by nebk 5 / 10

Has a great and tense story that actually makes up for the lack of dramatic acting and is actually pretty good in spite of itself

There are many words to describe this film, but the one I decided to use is goofy. The word cheesy would be equally as appropriate. It is an action flick brought out by WWE studios and stars Nick Nemeth as Detective Ray Fitzpatrick racing desperately against time to locate a kidnapped child before a bomb that has been strapped to the child goes off. In the process he must battle against Russian mobsters, corrupt Russian Embassy Officials and his own colleagues (surprisingly not Russian). As is often the case with such action movies there is a suspicion that the detective is in fact the one responsible for the child's kidnapping as his own son was accidentally killed by a drunk police driver and he never received compensation from the city. This accusation however gives him the chance to escape forcefully from a police station full of cops trying to stop him.

Joining him on his frantic run through mayhem is officer Julia Baker (played by Katharine Isabella). She in fact is responsible for his suspension at the start of the movie and investigation into his barbaric tactics but obviously through the course of the film she realizes that Detective Fitzpatrick is an honest cop trying to do the right thing whilst evading his colleagues and the mob. In the process detective Fitzpatrick storms into the Russian consulate, overpowers the security and tortures one of the staff there who is secretly dealing explosives on the black market. And all that without causing an international incident. There are also gun fights, car chases and some wrestling moves thrown in for good measure. And at the end the hero obviously saves the day.

The pros of this movie are that it's mildly entertaining In a leave your brain at the door type of way. There is action obviously and it's not too badly done. The cons however are the weak and clichéd storyline and the nonsensical flow of the movie. It seems to try to hard to insert various plot lines in order to make the movie seem deeper than it is. So overall a 4.5-5 out of 10. Could have been better though.

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