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Adrian Paul as Unger
Sarah Brown as Lila Body
William Hope as Willis
Michelle Lee as Ekaterina Demidrova
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Lukewarm Fusion

I saw Cold Fusion with nothing else better to do, and although the concept did intrigue me I was expecting worse than I got. Cold Fusion is not what I call a good movie, however I have seen much worse than this. The photography while nothing particularly special is better than average, likewise the acting was decent particularly from Adrian Paul and William Hope. On the other hand, the effects have a cheap and rushed look to them and some of the lighting is on the dull side. The dialogue is corny, the story is dully paced, overloaded and silly, the sets and interiors would look more at home in the 60s, the action sequences are contrived in choreography and overly earnest in execution and the characters especially the villains are written in a flat and stereotypical manner. All in all, not very good but not terrible. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by mikevonbach 9 / 10

watch it you wont regret it BEST 90 MINUTES OF MY LIFE

Adrian Paul's character is next to useless - but the Russian and Ukrainian cast is what makes this funny. Flat and overdone bad guys with bad accents and interior sets that look like they are all from a 1960's Star Trek TV show, this makes the boring and slow plot watchable to some degree.

Stupid action scenes, low budget effects and dialogue that is corny and horribly presented make this a movie that while you realize that it is far from good, you still wonder what will happen.

There is a strip club scene which is so poorly created that you wonder why it is there at all, but it only adds to the corniness of the movie.

The sad part is that the scientist died...I just loved his part - it was hilarious to watch and should have been extended - without him getting offed.

Done on a budget of next to nothing compared to Hollywood standards and filmed in Bulgaria - possibly what will soon be Europe's next big filming center, this movie is bland, boring, stupid but still somehow in it's own special way - keeps you watching.

Not a total dismiss, but if you are looking for any real action - look somewhere else.

If you are looking for a time waster, this may serve it's purpose.

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