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Dennis Quaid as Cooper Tilson
Sharon Stone as Leah Tilson
Stephen Dorff as Dale Massie
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Reviewed by Peter Rasmussen Denmark 4 / 10


This movie is certainly not what I expected. As someone else wrote on this site, you expect to see a horror/thriller movie like The Haunting or The Others. This is not the case, the movie is nothing more than a classic good guys/bad guy thriller. There is nothing new or fresh about this movie, you do not have to watch very much of it before you can guess the plot. The scenes, that are supposed to be scary, are not at all, because they have been done so many times before. The cast and the acting is OK. Dennis Quaid is great, except maybe saying "Oh my God" too many times. He could have easily handled a much more demanding part. The same thing can be said about Stephen Dorff. Sharon Stone though does not seem to be trying very hard. Juliette Lewis is great as Dale Massies' sexy girlfriend, but my question is: what is she doing here? She is not important to the story and does nothing more than look and act sexy. Maybe they cast her to give the audience something interesting to look at.

Reviewed by dawntreader 4 / 10

Movie fails to deliver what it promises

This movie was excellent in setting up a creepy atmosphere and a tense setting, however, it failed to deliver what it promised. Keeping the previews I had seen beforehand in mind and the first part of the movie, I was expecting something like "What Lies Beneath", where nothing is as it seems and plot twists abound and there's a good puzzle to solve. However, the film is straight up what you see is what you get. It's not really a mystery at all (it plays a small part) but deals instead with the animosity between the house's former owner and the new occupants. It had a couple good thrills in it, but basically I wasn't surprised by anything I saw. Also they never really did delve into the house's past as much as I had hoped they would. I still don't know the motivations behind several things. I was looking for a lot more under the surface, while they only barely scratched it leaving me very unsatisfied. It's ok for a once-through time killer, but only if you pay matinee prices.

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