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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 6 / 10

My Review Of "Closer To God"

First off let me say that this is not "Splice" or "Splice-like" for any sci-fi, horror fans expecting that kind of movie experience. This film is a more down-to-earth, loose representation of what an event like "a cloned child done secretly then leaked out" would be like, how it would be received by society. "Closer To God" is more of a dark drama with horror affectations.

The film is directed by Billy Senese who tells a very emotional, long-drawn out, story with a real heartfelt approach to the human experience surrounding such an event as "Closer To God" explores. Cloning a successful human, then expanding the science of possibilities while protecting the material and the child. Compound that with the social repercussions, religiosity and naturalistic outrage, and you have Senese's film's theme.

The cinematography and setting is dark and somber, offering a more emotionally disconnected approach to this dark character study with only slight moments of personality that leak in from the Scientist and host mother's point of view. The rest of the time we are "chaos rubber-neckers" watching from a distance as this train-wreck of scientific achievements unfolds. That doesn't mean that the film or story is without personality or emotion. "Closer To God" reeks of melodrama and emotion, the story is strong and the acting is so well done that a tense, connection develops between the audience that story develops.

The horror aspect is minor and you have to hold on for the duration of this slow-burn, melodrama to get to that horror portion. It may not be worth it to die hard horror fans, or people going into the film wanting high energy thrills and chills. "Closer To God" keeps with a somber, macabre, almost haunting atmosphere, like watching a wake or or funeral, but only if the Westboro Church was outside, or the dead person was a mass-murder and also one of your closest relatives. That is the human connection I got once I became invested in these characters and this dark, sci-fi story. The effects are spot on but there isn't a lot of attention or sensationalism offered to those moments.

Overall I have to say that, as a dark drama, "Closer To God" is an intense, emotional story that is captivating. As a horror film or a "Frankenstein" styled film, I never really got that aspect. I say some aspect at the end, but it was so underdeveloped or poorly highlighted, that it doesn't really count. I think for people that have a pace of film that they like similar to "Stoker" or "Birth" , then "Closer To God" will be your speed. For more action, suspense, horror film fans-skip it because your just gonna get bored. I personally enjoyed the story and subject matter, I love any film that explores cloning! I say we go there and get it done-let the nightmarish consequences unfold!

Reviewed by Heather Archuleta 5 / 10

contains spoiler. wish there were a better ending

I'm writing this to say that i enjoyed watching this film, up until the end . In my own opinion I would have rather seen the baby Elizabeth live than be killed it made me upset to my stomach , I really wish there were a better ending. It seemed to me that the little boy Ethan new that the baby was also a clone and thought of her as a better made clone than he was so it made him crazy .... in the beginning it showed flash backs of him as a baby clone and with defects I get that the scientist couldn't harm the poor thing but he could of at least kept an eye on him he maybe could of then prevented everything bad from happening to him he new how to comfort him in the end when it was already too late that's what he should of done in the first place at least go and see him when the lady asked him to but he kept blowing it off and for that the ending came out very upsetting

Reviewed by Metra Ton 5 / 10

Fake advertisement.

The indie feeling, the old-school acting, the moral conflict - really gives the movie some depth. Unfortunately, the movie hardly fits the description. When I read it, I expected anything, but this. Cheap slasher, perhaps, or something demonic or some mutation.

The idea of cloning is well-established, but it's so diluted by everything going on that it sort of disappears by the time the movie climaxes.

Here you have a baby, a science marvel, extremely valuable. But... there you allow second-hand people next to her. There you start getting attached or treating her like a baby. At first, the focus was on her, and that's what the movie was about. From her weird eyes to that needle to whatever else.

Then the story of the caretakers, moving the baby to the house... classic cliché of such movies: when a scientist does something on his own - it ends badly.

But this secret... The way it was presented at first, it was disturbing. It was suggesting. Hinting at possibilities. But of all the possibilities, I assumed it would be genetic, it would be relevant to the subject.

But no... Of all the possibilities, of all the indie flair, even stained with his irritating family, the movie just had to end as a monster slasher. And not just monster slasher, but incredibly stupid at that.

A brilliant doctor, who gives enough pity to keep his "secret" alive, but doesn't ever once check up on it? Caretakers, who, against all sense, just don't quit or press the matter? And... with tons of security at the gates - the only resolution ever is to go alone armed with a freaking syringe? The movie starts by actually thrilling you. You feel like it's something unique, it has potential. To discuss the idea of cloning, the reactions, the consequences, even unreal ones.

But the bottom line is that cloning is only a background, moral is about as much as religion in The Mist, and the center plot is a monster slasher hidden as a "payback for past sins" of the doctor.

It's not a bad movie, it can deliver unease and more... thoughtfulness than modern "indie horrors", but unfortunately it just doesn't end well. Perhaps the movie deserves more, but if there's one thing I, personally, can't stand - is when all the buildup is ruined in the end. Few movies can accomplish that, and this is one of them.

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