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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Poe-17 3 / 10

The Lovecraft Syndrome ... Again!

The works of Howard Phillip Lovecraft continue to thwart film makers. His tales, written in the early 1900's are, invariably, updated to present day and forced to mix with today's fads, trends and "movie absorbing mind set". For the most part, they don't work, like this shot at the trophy. Anything by good Ol' H.P. should be a period piece like Jackson's "King Kong"...unless you are extremely brilliant. The makers of "Chill", while sincere, failed to create the magic to move "Cool Air" (which this movie is based upon) from short-story written in 1926 to a contemporary story. No fault, no foul ... a near impossible thing to do. Lovecraft excruciatingly cultivated sinister and dark atmosphere with climactic punctuations of visual action, almost the opposite of current films that are visually heavy to create the deep and dark unease (something they seldom do because ... perhaps ... they are running a formula in reverse?) ... Dan O'Bannon nearly nailed it with "The Resurrected" from Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Unfortunately, this attempt to bring "Cool Air" to the screen is a lousy shot at a Lovecraft adaptation and can't stand on its own as a horror film. Kudos for the effort but ... way big miss.

Reviewed by byronhere 5 / 10

bad actors and writers make really bad movie

I have one word to describe this film, "unwatchable". Within minutes it was obvious that I was in for some really bad acting which almost made the film out to be a comedy. And can anybody get away from that white van? I mean come on. Run through a yard or something. And I guess there is only one cop in the entire town. How about creepy doctor's decomposing sidekick. The guy can't even run and nobody seems to be able to out maneuver him. This move was inspirational in a way because now I feel like if movies like that are being released I could do just as bad if not better with a Polaroid camera and a sketch book. Do not under any circumstances watch this movie. Any good reviews are from paid employees or mental patients.

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