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Rae Dawn Chong as The Gypsy
Tommy Chong as Lucian Corsican
Rae Dawn Chong as The Gypsy
Tommy Chong as Lucian Corsican
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aaron1375 6 / 10

not laugh-out-loud funny, but laughs accumulate

I enjoyed this movie more than "Yellow Beard", but both movies are kind of similar as they are both period pieces and departures for the two guys best known for their marijuana humor. Nothing of that sort is in this movie, but I still found it relatively humorous in places. I found it a bit funny that the hero of this one was Tommy Chong who was always the more stoned one in the other movies. I liked the humor where if pain is inflicted on one of the twins the other feels the pain, this was especially good in a torture scene involving Cheech. Still, it is a movie that probably would have been better with two other actors in the lead roles. Nothing against Cheech and Chong, but they really do not look like they belong in this movie. For the most part the rest of the cast are not A-list starts, and a lot of them seem to be related to two leads. The story is about a couple of twins that feel the others pain going against a French ruler. Not much else to it than that. Most of the jokes are about the shared pain, there are other jokes, but a lot of the other jokes not related to their shared pain miss the mark. Still the movie was mildly amusing and I thought it was better than "Yellow Beard" because that one had a plot that was kind of all over the place.

Reviewed by dj_oldfield-2 7 / 10

It is all in the mindset

If you are looking for deep plots which will draw you in and capture your attention for an evening, and potentially leave you thinking after the movie... this (along with everything by these two) is not your flick. I personally enjoy and appreciate it for what it is, along with the others. It is not a work of art or a fantastic story... but instead an ironic view of the world.

Well... as for the movie. It (as I am sure that everyone has read) provides two brothers of noble birth raised for some portion of their lives as peasants and separated in youth by coincidence. The brothers later unite 21 years later in a heartfelt moment (NOT) and assume each other's company for the remainder of the movie. Beyond this point, Chong utilizes his inept belligerence and desire for revolution to lead him and his brother (Cheech) through a series of perils and near misses which (as destiny would have it) leads to the unloading of a very strange guy who wields the queen's power... and thus the renewal of happiness in France in centuries past. As this alone is not enough, each brother (from day one) carries a strange connection which enables them to experience each other's feelings (both emotional and physical) and not their own... a nifty sub-plot which brings about some fun irony throughout the movie.

This is not a movie that you would wish to watch to challenge your mind... but it is wonderful when the rigors of reality tug at you and you wish to escape for a moment. I believe this to be true about all of Cheech and Chong's movies... but this slight bend of taste provides new humor not found in their all too famous stoner movies.

One final note... this (unlike others) is a decent movie to watch with kids, although I am not sure that they will understand or appreciate the humor as would an adult.

Reviewed by Elswet 7 / 10

Accumulative Comedy Formula Works

This work lacks in the line of direct laughs. They just don't come. The humor of this work comes from an accumulative factor, the fact that sexual innuendo and outright swank are heightened to replace their usual marijuana-based venue, and the fact that these guys do not belong in this setting.

About a third of the way through, I found myself chuckling. Not from anything direct, mind you, but because the accumulative comedic elements effectively communicated the humor, and never let up.

All in all, this is a fine film. Its caustic humor wears on you until you find that you are laughing, in spite of yourself.

It rates a 6.7/10 from...

the Fiend :.

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