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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anonymous 10 / 10

A fairly mixed affair that fails to pull anything off that well

It is easy to overlook this Ken Loach film. Critics had not been so kind about the excellent Land and Freedom as they had been in the past, and Carla's song didn't fare that well either. It seems difficult to understand why. The inimicable brand of social realism is there as is the focus on the experiences and emotions of the individual. There is even the trademark visual in-joke.

More than any other character in the recent past I cared for Carla. All performances are exceptional. What we have here is social realism that expands into political statement and ultimately human tragedy.

If at all possible, try to see this film. Carlisle's broad Scottish accent may make it difficult to follow for the non-initiated, but persevere, and you will be rewarded.

Reviewed by Marjorie Bendeck 10 / 10

This film really surprised me... a real masterpiece!!

I am a great admirer of Ken Loach, the way he can make you get emotionally involved in the plots of his movies and how he designs his movies so one can fully comprehend the social situation his characters are living. The atmospheres created by him show us examples of a social realism confronted by modern day people (especially in England).

When I started watching this movie, I really had no idea of the turn it would take. When it turned out that "Carla" was from Nicaragua, and it was taking place in the time of heavy war, I didn't imagine the masterfulness with which he recreated the events. Since I live in Honduras, I was very well informed and concerned about the Nicaraguan revolution. All the scenes, the music and the whole environment really caused a great impact on me. I could swear I was watching a documentary instead of a movie. Living near that country and being in contact with its people helped me understand the hardships they went through. And the situation painted by Loach of how the Nicaraguans felt and reacted about the war was incredibly realistic!!

Carlyle's character was superb!! He showed emotions that were very pure and sincere not only to "Carla" but to the whole situation. He was just too good a person, he showed us unselfish feelings that nowadays are very hard to find in our society, which is oriented mainly to material purposes rather than spiritual fulfillment.

This is the kind of humanistic films that should be made to teach people about the "real world" and true, unselfish comprehensive and devoted love. A love that goes so deep that one is willing to do anything for the other's happiness and wellbeing... even if it means letting them go.

Reviewed by pedrodegreiff 2 / 10

A young woman's harrowing tale

One of the biggest problems of European and Northamerican movies about Latinoamerica and its problems, is that most of the those have strong neocolonialism "poor latinoamericanos, they are so poor, have so big troubles, the governments are always guilty and they need our help (Europa or Northamerica) to continue",and this movie is not an exception of it. Ken Loach is known for the high and strong social and political views in his movies,but here the neocolonial look is clear, and you can see it at trough all the movie and at is best, when a Scotish Bus driver, who drives perfect machines in good roads, drives a 5th class bus trough a typical rural road in Latinomarica (the worst road in the UK is not the half of one of those), and with a single gun defeats a trained army,something that none of the locals has done, it looked like Rambo with social beliefs, and it is great to have movies about these subjects, but please, not with this prejudgment.

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