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Carjacked (2011) download yts

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Maria Bello as Lorraine Burton
Joanna Cassidy as Betty
Catherine Dent as Therapist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shortcourtking-227-550962 1 / 10

Good example on how to make a bad movie

This is my first review on IMDb and this movie forced me to write it. Unfortunately I had to give it at least one star, zero stars is not an option. Within the first 5 minutes my wife and I looked at each other and said when will this be over. From the get go the movie was boring,the acting poor and the editing was completely atrocious. At almost every camera angle change both inside and outside the car they were on a different road. If you happened to notice they were always driving on a on-ramp or off-ramp never on a highway. I feel bad spending $2 of my Netflix money on this thing. Enjoy, may be a cult classic in 30 years. I am shocked that Maria Bello would be in a movie like this.

Reviewed by deirdre-209-643722 2 / 10

Acting and Ending Issues too much to swallow

Though I love her in Prime Suspect, Maria's portrayal of Lorraine was much too annoying and felt very forced and unnatural, so I never developed much sympathy for her and never really liked her. Dorf did a good job with the material he had, though. I believed his character completely. The movie keeps your interest enough to keep going to the end. Alas, the ending was bad icing finishing off a somewhat too bland cake *ugh* You feel like you are missing the real ending and they just cut right to a "twist" that the producers really felt was the highlight of the film ... but really isn't. If Lorraine had been written and developed differently, perhaps I would have felt more satisfied and enjoyed the end twist as much as the filmmakers did ;)

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