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Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Sebastian Stan as James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes / The Winter Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nathanianhenderson 4 / 10

Overstuffed and Undercooked

The WINTER SOLDIER is the best MCU film, but its sequel has a serious identity crisis.

Captain America: Civil War wants to be great. But for the most part it isn't. The film is an overstuffed 2 and half hour film that has one too many ideas thrown into the mix. It is essential a cash grab of the BVS variety. But why can't people see this?

Now this is a Captain America as the title suggests. But in the end a more fitting title would read: Bucky VS Ironman: Dawn of who's the Captain's Bestie. The reason I say this is the film felt disjointed to the point of it being a joke. It felt like two separate films weaved together to try and make a film that makes sense. But it didn't It's one half a Captain flick/ the other half a mini Avengers film. But they both drown each other.

It's clear this is a film Marvel wanted to make, but why on earth rush into it? One film could never service this iconic plot line. It should have been gradual, and while we did see Cap and Tony tense up in Ultron, this is where a strain in their relationship should have been definite and it should have still been in effect at the beginning of this film.

For the most part of the Airport sequence there was no real danger. It was a carefully orchestrated scene that showed these films are for young cinema-goers. Even when one character is looked to be written off "BAM" they are back, giving everyone some cheep laughs at the end of the film.

Now from a writing and filmmaking point of view and dare I say it, this film has worse interconnecting scenes then The Amazing Spiderman 2. Re-shoots are obvious, editing is sub par, cinematography lacked style and was evident to be a "quick" point-and-shoot at the action affair. Such a disappointment.

But yes this film has it's fun moments (the same can not be said for BVS). But they can't help a film tailored to a certain demographic that leaves out those looking for a film that doesn't kill a few braincell upon leaving the cinema. The laughs are hardly inspirational writing and forced, so forced.

sidetone: ONLY SOME OF THEM HAVE SUPER POWERS, SO WHY DO THEY ALL RECOVER FROM HARD HITS AND KNOCKS? it's just makes the stakes so much lower and less respectable.

Reviewed by jakee977 1 / 10

Was decent.....

this movie is so riddled with plot holes, flaws, horrible cgi and horrible jokes its ridiculous the more i think about this film the worse it gets and initially i loved it but man some of the stuff in this film can just not be excused from the horrible villain, the weak plot and character motivations i could go on and on all day. after how great the winter soldier was i thought this next cap would be next level especially with the russos at the helm and wow did it let me down A lot. just not a good film at all

okay all of zemos plans made no sense think about it how would zemos plan even work if falcon never told tony where they went? how and why was there a random camera in the middle of an isolated road in the tree line pointing directly across the road at more trees exactly where bucky killed tonys parents like come on? also bucky broke free of those restraints when he was getting interrogated by zemo why didn't he just cover his ears so he couldn't hear the trigger words? also how did zemo even get in there its a top secret government location not a nightclub a fake id isn't going to cut it the avengers and the government did no extra investigation into the sokovia accords bombing and just ordered a shoot to kill order off of a fake picture? . thats pretty weak for the avengers and the government. zemo is a flaw to me he is only used as a plot device no development what so ever and he is the key to everything happening he could've been great!! the cgi for spidey is horrible man but thats not a big deal to me but spidey ant man and hawk eye are so shoehorned in especially the 2 non avengers like think about it why are they even there? its just for the spectacle but makes no sense you're going to bring a brand new superhero who's 15 years old to a "war" (which it wasn't) and he didn't even need to be there. there's more and more i can keep going on about but they are all overshadowed and clouded by the action and jokes. it was a good film its just not as flawless as everyone is saying it has great action set pieces 10/10 but as a film story etc it isn't that good. i don't want to seem overcritical but thats how everyone was with BvS except i can explain their plot holes no one can explain mine yet

that being said I'm very excited for the black panther movie directed by coogler so that looks like its going to be great because the character has great potential that goes for spidey too they just need to fix his CGI it was horrible in this film and he is one of my favorite character in pop culture period so i hope they do him justice

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 6 / 10

It's more of a Civil Battle

Even though critics give it much higher ratings than "Batman vs Superman", it suffers from the same main failure - the source of the conflict is not well explored or explained. Sure, here it is done differently, with longer shots of people talking to each other. But, it doesn't work any better than a dozen times more shots of stuff happening in the same period of time as in Batman vs Superman.

Also, there's not much war here, there's about one battle and a few fights. They're OK, but I do have a hard time getting excited about such things, it is all make-believe, so how can you say is it really any good? You can just say that there were some interesting new stuff - from Antman (let's just say that size _does_ matter) and Spiderman (who's fighting skills are, conveniently, based on "Star Wars" movies) and that there are no substantial inconsistencies.

I liked "The Winter Soldier" better, because it had "its own thing". This feels more like an "Avengers on a slow day" (i.e. not trying to save the Earth) kind of thing. And, of course, "Winter Soldier" had Robert Redford.

There's good stuff, too. Spiderman brings a lot of fun to the table. There's a great joke from Tony Stark about a particular part of Spiderman's mask, and there are other good jokes. The trigger for the final confrontation between Iron Man and Cap&Bucky is well prepared and executed (if a little cheesy). You may feel that there is too much chasing around, but, it sure ain't boring. It is nice that a movie as silly as a superhero movie explores issues of revenge, ego, friendship & loyalty and self-determination vs government control.

Putting it all together, it's an OK watch.

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