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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pheeke 6 / 10

Comedy and drama with a clever political message.

Quite an interesting documentary, that is, if you think Russell Brand is interesting. I do think he is an interesting person and i liked the documentary. it showed Russell brand's good and bad sides, it wasn't one-sided. It did feel a little long for a biographical documentary, but never boring because of that.

The documentary mixes behind the scenes clips of Russell's life, clips of his stand-up comedy act and interesting conversations on his political engagement. Russell Brand also opens up about his dark drug past.

Altogether the documentary is a great mix between comedy and drama with a clever political message. Great for Russell Brand fans and anyone who wants to know more about him.

Reviewed by pnwbot 10 / 10

A fascinating journey to follow.

We saw this in Seattle last night, and everyone in our group absolutely loved it. I only knew a few things about Brand before, and this film's look into him shows Brand's faults, and his heart.

Personally, I'm more endeared to Brand now and feel richer for seeing his path. No matter his many complex motives and struggles he has worked through (and like us all, forever will be), his heart still shows through, and I saw something beautiful in there.

Similar to Brand, the energy in the film from start to finish is bold, fast, and quite fun.

This had a high rating until some campaign came in and lowered the rating. Which is too bad...I would recommend this to anyone, as would the early reviewers.

Reviewed by S M-E 9 / 10

A Rare Glimpse of the Vulnerabilities & Mission of Russell Brand

A compelling, deeper look into the message and autobiographical motivations of an intriguing figure, often overlooked and overshadowed by the cloud of self-induced mania and crude humor that his various addictions have covered him by.

I loved Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was annoyed by him in Get Him to the Greek, and now, after being captivated by his story and passion throughout the rather long running time of this documentary,respect Brand and his tenacity for his latest life's mission.

Give this film a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised, if not by Timoner's artful compilations of Brand's vulnerability in the documentary itself, by the insatiable vision of an electric man searching for his truth.

Part biography, part call for social change, and completely fascinating, Brand: A Second Coming is worth a watch.

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