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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nzcrawfords 9 / 10

WARNING: You could be clapping in public at the end of this !

I'll start, unfairly perhaps for any new movie, by comparing it with thoughts that other NZ movies have left me with - only to explain how it left me feeling. I am smiling as I recall the movie and type this. A good sign! So, Eagle v Shark's quirkiness. Whale Rider's pathos & culture. Bro Town's language skills (who'd have thought "Egg" would be so eloquent a derogatory remark!) Second Hand Wedding's humanity, commentary on relationships & our overall resilience. Good things will happen. Every Boy's natural instinct to worship their father - irrespective of whether he's earned it or not - is shown against the halcyon backdrop of an east coast life in Godzone. I laughed out loud at Rockys apology for abuse of his special powers to knock an old fella over. I ached when Boy's Dad returned and the interactions between them - the hero worship meeting with reality; a coming of age. Taika's now customary expansion of characters was excellent - flawed, bravado filled fragile wee worlds we all build up. I have not served Boy adequately in this random review - its an amazing film. 9/10. Made me feel happy & glad to be alive and living in NZ.

Reviewed by HamiltonRaglan 10 / 10

A refreshing eccentric version of a road well travelled

I went along to this film hoping that it would not be an awkward repeat of the Maori-against-the-world-old-chestnut that seems to pop up far too commonly here in NZ: and I was not disappointed!

This was a fantastically enjoyable film that managed to tackle some prolifically odious practices that (still) exist (illicit gang affiliation, the lack of reasonable care and responsibility for children, drug abuse, poverty) without being gratuitously violent. Surprisingly, and very refreshingly, the writer even succeeded to make this film wonderfully heart warming and funny.

Thoroughly recommended.

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