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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chatani 1 / 10

slough stalker

What can i say?.....*sigh* 1 n a half hours of my life i will never get back. i think writing this review is more productive than watching the movie.

For starters there's a horrible storyline, which never really climaxes btw. Expected my heart to stop for a couple of seconds during the movie, it did but of boredom.

You're left with more questions at the end of the movie than when the movie first started.

Just really horrible.

Gota give props to the makeup/costume of sasquatch tho, it was pretty good but wasn't enough to save this movie. If there anything less than a one star it would probably be an appropriate rating to give this.

I don't really wana "spoil" the movie but if u ask me the movie pretty much does that itself. Trust me if u wana avoid a terrible mistake, don't watch this. YOu're better off TRYING another movie and hope it's a good one.

Tho gota admit the "good looking guy" in this movie wasn't as bad looking as i thought he'd be, tho still not that much of a hunk either.


Reviewed by bloodcuda 4 / 10

A creepy, delightfully gruesome, and horrific flick but.....

Unfortunately that's all it was besides it having cool monsters and a few hot actresses! The film really didn't look finished to me.... it needed more answers like how a guy is showing defending someone from the bigfoot's but yet we never see what happens to him after the person he is helping runs away! that and the fact that they had a whole bunch of pointless scenes that lead to nothing and introduced no new characters... and what was up with the sheriff and his deputy... they were in a few scenes in the beginning and were never shown again!

Plot: a group of five college kids go to a one of the friends' house whom hasn't been there in years after a unexplained accident! But after a few drinks and smokes they soon realize (when there out in the middle of the woods with a tent and some toilet paper) that there is something out there and it is picking off and killing the (now 4) college kids off one by one and they are keeping the woman for breeding!

Review: The whole movie had such a "I've not been completed and been put onto DVD as fast as possible" feel to it but maybe there was a reason why... maybe they needed more money to finish it... but anyway... the acting was decent and the gore/creature effects where nasty and sick yet fun and creative. I'll admit that some of the noises used for the gore scenes (such as when a Bigfoot eats someone guts) where a little bit too Low-budget sounding! I wish it had a bigger budget like the movie "Creature (2011)" but alas it has no spot in theaters or even DVD as a matter of fact... but just not for now because I bet this film has a lot more potential that it gives!

Acting: The acting was okay I mean Texas Battle acted like a thug and I wish he acted more like he did in"Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)" and also some of the characters where put in and were never used like the old couple from the trailer.. Theywere shown only once! And the deputies that were used like two or three times I bet they would've been good actors too if they were given the opportunity!

Gore: Disembowelments, mangled corpses, a really harsh slashed throat and some more! it had good special effects but it could've used more gore!

Bottom Line: A sickening, decent acted, and bloody yet UN-fished, overdone, and a "leave you upset" ending that doesn't really work well for the movie kind of film that feels wrong yet right at the same time!

Suggested MPAA: Rated: "R" for bloody violence, sexuality, and language

Is it worth the Buy on a scale of 1-10: 4 For the Movie itself on a scale of 1-5: 3

Reviewed by jcs_vh1 4 / 10

It was.....very average

This movie looked like it had so much going for it,but sadly it fails at almost everything.first off nothing happens for the first hour and five minutes.there were maybe four kills in that time,three of which where off-screen.during that time all we get is a bunch of kids wondering around the swamp doing nothing.the acting was pretty bad,there's so many times throughout the movie where the kids overact things and turn a scene thats suppose to be heart wrenching into a soap opera.another thing is you would think since this is a b movie about college kids getting killed by Bigfoot,that there would be tons of nudity,but sadly there is none and its not that there wasn't any nudity,its the fact that there was about five scenes where a chick gets topless but all you see is her back.if your not gonna have nudity,don't have chicks get naked to tease us.the one good thing about this movie is the effects.the Bigfoot makeup looked good and there were a few good looking kills and now the was just so abrupt and there were so many scenes that were meant to be scary,but the acting made them funny as is just a brief summary of some of the things that were wrong with it... SPOILERS!!

-first,we spend an entire hour getting to now these kids,but they all get killed off in twenty minutes or less. -Theres a scene were the last two girls are in their tent and Bigfoot is right outside their tent and one of them whispers to the other "if you ignore it,it will go away". -one of the girls just collapses and the other has to carry her down a hill -the last girl runs right into the arms of a man with a gun,but what does she do?..she runs away from him and deeper into the swamp -she makes it to a highway,but instead of running full speed for it,she just stands there and then collapses when she sees Bigfoot.

Over all this was a pretty bad movie,that could have been so much better

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