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Reviewed by sgcim 7 / 10

Some good things in this...

Although it didn't have the greatest plot, there was some really funny dialogue and good comedic acting in this, even though the presence of Ron Jeremy can hardly be called a plus in any movie. The camera work was pretty imaginative, especially in the scene where the nerdy looking woman with horn rimmed glasses and the guy she secretly admired were surrounded by the zombies. The camera circled around them very quickly, creating a psychedelic atmosphere which really stood out in the film. The characters were very likable, including the comic book nerd, the hippie chick, the Rasta technician, the pretentious film director and the blonde promiscuous girl, who had some good comedic ability. The director seems to be modeling himself on Robert Rodriguez by writing, directing, and even performing and writing the score to the film in the same grind house genre that Rodriguez sometimes does.

Reviewed by Heislegend 7 / 10

Fun if you know what you're getting into

A lot of people who watched this will undoubtedly not get the joke. And when I say "joke", I'm referring to the entire movie. But I don't mean that in a bad way. The whole movie is a put-on...a send up of the old days of grindhouse cinema. It just takes more of a mockery angle than a "homage" (which I'm now convinced is French for "intellectual property theft") angle that Tarantino and Rodriguez took in their big budget flicks. Yes, the audio is awful at some points. It's supposed to be. The movie is supposed to sound like the entire thing was dubbed in post production (hell, it probably was). And everything is meant to look cheesy and low budget. As for the plot, well, that's best left out. In typical grindhouse fashion there's about 10 different things going on at once with very few being related. There's zombies, demons, Satan, vampires (I think), werewolves (I think), aliens, and Ron Jeremy.

If you think about it, it's kind of a genius move. Don't have enough money to make that epic film you always wanted to make? No problem. Just make a movie that's supposed to look bad. Problem solved. All said I done I kind of enjoyed it in a hilariously-bad-but-on-purpose kind of way. That being said, I would definitely recommend a six pack of your favorite adult beverage.

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