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Sid Haig as Abdul the Arab
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Patrick Magee as Linda's Husband
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ofumalow 4 / 10

A mad killer is stalking Bobbie Jo Bradley!

No wonder this lacks the cult following of Hill and Rothmann's other films--its myriad clashing elements suggest this movie's conception and shooting might have occurred at widely spaced times, whenever money or locations were available. Apparent female leads come and go. Sometimes the focus seems on satirizing pretentious "beatnik" art a la "Bucket of Blood." Then the film will stop dead for lengthy minutes of laughable "modern dance" by alleged dancers of highly varied ability. (Even the best seem in desperate need of an actual choreographer.)

Beautiful young women are being killed by an alleged "vampire" painter allegedly descended from a line of vampires/artists stretching back to the 11th century. It's anyone's guess why most of the characters seem to be early 60s hipster-parody Los Angeleans, complete with wanderings on beach and in balmy surf. Meanwhile, we're told a particular castle and bell tower date back to (again) an ancestral 11th century? It's all supposed to be one city. Apparently "Vampire" aka "Blood Bath" was shot in both Venice, CA and Belgrade, Serbia-- ah, the mysteries of international funding! Trust me, the locations do not become seamless in the editing.

This movie is bizarre and erratically well-crafted enough to hold interest, but it's still a disconnected mess that falls far short of the drive-in classics by Hill (Spider Baby, Switchblade Sisters) or Rothman (The Student Nurses, Terminal Island). It's a curiosity.

Reviewed by lartronic 10 / 10

I Shall Astound the World

I know I've commented on this film before, but my first review made it seem like this was just another movie that I like. Actually, it is so much more than that. The fact that it is actually a couple of films edited together is enough for you to try and find this (it is very rare.) I have the version under the title "Track of the Vampire", which apparently has more footage than the original release in 1966, which was under the title "Blood Bath", and although people say it's confusing, it's rather easy to understand, although the foreign footage is sometimes obvious. This is one of my favorite movies, to say the least. There is something about this certain vampire film that I like more than the others, maybe it's just how it's put together, or how it is sometimes bizarre. The credits were a little strange, or at least how they are listed in movie guides: certain actors are listed as main stars although they have lesser roles. The acting wasn't bad, nothing oscar winning of course, but it wasn't horribly wretched or anything like that. Roger Corman was involved in this, and he did a fine job. When the film was originally released, it was double-billed with "Queen of Blood", which also used footage from a foreign film (a Russian sci-fi.) Now, to say that the film is very scary or exciting would be a lie, but it is entertaining. In fact, it is so entertaining that you should try and find it on video (although I don't think it has been legally released on laser disc or DVD.) The one thing that I really don't understand is why Marissa Mathes was credited before Lori Saunders even though Saunders was the only one to survive in the end and was in it more than Mathes. Another thing about the credits, why isn't Karl Shanzer listed in some movie guides, he seems to be the hero in the film, although there is no particular real hero. Like I said, my print was the one with more footage, so it might seem a little strange. But despite that, you should go out and find this film, because it is somewhat forgotten today, which is un-fair, because it is very well done.

Reviewed by lartronic 10 / 10

I liked it.

It's too bad this movie is so hard to find on video because it's not bad at all. I liked it since the very first time I saw it on TV. It's basically your standard vampire-stalking-unsuspecting-victims film, but there's something about it that just makes it fun. Find it by all means, you won't be sorry.

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