Black Knight


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Black Knight (2001) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Martin Lawrence as Jamal Walker / Skywalker
Marsha Thomason as Victoria the Chambermaid / Nicole
Tom Wilkinson as Sir Knolte of Marlborough
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thullman 1 / 10

Black Page

All I can say is that after 30 minutes I fell asleep out of complete boredom while watching this movie. It isn't funny, it has got no plot, and the concept has been used many times before, and better. The only positive thing about it is that one appreciates a good film even more after watching this one.

Reviewed by Kefka_8203 2 / 10

I believe a tenth level of hell is needed for bad actors...(mild spoilers)

Alright, first of all I should confess that I like Martin Lawrence about as much as having my fingernails torn out. I found Bad Boys 1+2 to be terrible, despite the reputation of both movies. Then me and my girlfriend decided to rent a few movies from the local videostore...ANd for some reason she picked this one. Story in short: Modern guy travels back to medieval times. Lots of unfunny situations follows. Hero gets it on with "Nubian Princess" while evil Knight-guy goes around being cliché evil. Only fun scene was when ML pulls up his lighter and goes "Behold! I can create fire!" or something similar, and the reaction he gets from the local populace is ; "Yeah? So what? We've seen fire before." And while ML wasn't as horrible in this movie as in BB 1 and 2 he's still painfully bad. To sum it all up I have to say: Stay away from this piece of crap.

Reviewed by Andrew 4 / 10

Disappointing performance by Martin Lawrence

Finally got around to seeing this one on D-TV.

I believe most know the plot: man from South-Central LA is teleported to the days of Knights and becomes involved in a rebellion to oust the evil King and restore the good Queen.

In general, it was disappointing because the screenplay did not allow Martin Lawrence to be as funny as he normally is. It seemed forced and weighted down. Unlike other Lawrence films (i.e. Bad Boys, Blue Streak, Big Mama's House) we were not able to see the Martin that we all know and love (or hate). Instead of the impulsive, quick-witted Martin we expect, what we actually saw was Martin that struggled with a poor, predictable script that runs out of fuel in the first twenty minutes and leaves Martin to try to make something out of the remaining hour. As funny as he can be, he is no miracle worker.

All in all I give it a mediocre to low rating. The worst thing is that when I see that Martin Lawrence is going to be in a film I expect certain level of funniness from him. I was disappointed. I feel gypped out of one hour-twenty-minutes of my Saturday.

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