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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subterranean_alien93 1 / 10

A film that tries to cash in on shock without any substance.

I've read the same articles that you probably all have. Two people fainted, some threw up. I saw this at the Chicago International Film Festival and after the film ended there was a Q & A with the director and producer. After being asked about the stories they pretty much admitted that the fainting and puke were most likely due to heavy intoxication. Which makes more sense because Bite is a movie that tries hard to be gross and ends up feeling like a cartoon. Every surface of the main character's apartment is covered in and drips ooze and bug eggs...and it's not gross because nothing is done with it. They just keep adding more and make it drip more. A few pus filled gags and some body horror doesn't work when the make up looks as amateur as it does. Mostly it just looks like they covered the main actress in glue and maybe died her cheeks green. What's really disgusting is the acting and the dialogue. I can honestly say that the performances are almost to the level of The Room but at least The Room was so outrageous it was hilarious in its incompetence. Bite is just bad on all levels. The music is your most generic "score" in a can that you'd hear on any SyFy Channel film. The cinematography and directing is paint by numbers. The dialogue is cringe worthy, especially in its attempts at humor. Honestly everything about the film from the title card to the closing credits just seems so lazy and generic, like no love was put into this film. The budget is near nothing so I can't help but feel this film was made in hopes of cashing in on controversy and midnight screenings and I really hope it doesn't because it doesn't deliver as a film and it doesn't deliver as a shock film. I hate to keep harping on this but honestly the reason why this gets a 1 out of 10 and not a 2 is because of how atrocious the acting is. This is Elma Begovic first film and it shows, she's almost excusable, but there's no excuse for the other actors to be as bad as they are "Hmm I guess acting is just talking louder than I usually do and really enunciating words" I feel like that may have been the direction given to them. The best actor in this film is an old man with his dog. There's a scene where the dog has to act scared of the main actress to show that there's something wrong with her and that dog pulls off looking terrifying, that dog needs to teach the cast how to act. Bite is your straight to bargain bin, body horror film that can't help but be compared to other body horror films especially the fly. This is along the lines of something like Contracted which I also hated but I'd say this is worse based on the fact that Contracted at least had good performances. And the cardinal sin that this film commits is the one sin no horror movie should ever commit, it's not scary in any way. The director Chad Archibald seems like a really cool guy, he was happy to be in a room full of horror fans, he loves horror which is a real shame because he made a complete disservice to horror. If you see this at a festival with other indie horror films like They Look Like People, please support that instead because this film is garbage and deserves nothing. F*** this movie.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 6 / 10

Bachelorette Parties are the Pits

A group of girlfriends go to Costa Rica for a bachelorette party. Casey is having doubts about marrying her beau (Jared) because he immediately wants children and she does not--PLUS, she knows she's still too much of a party animal. While searching for what the locals call paradise, she is bitten by something. She is about to begin her new journey...

"Bite" is a decent attempt at horror that had many good things going for it: First, the acting was better here than in most movies like this. Yes, the writing could have been a little better. Some lines worked; while others did not. I particularly loved when her friend tried to tell Casey (during Casey's metamorphosis) "People go to Costa Rica for vacations. I'm sure the doctors have seen this a million times." I will also say that even though there is not a ton of blood in the movie, the goo and puke factor had me cringing many times. I would have liked to have seen what bit Casey, but I can also understand how by not showing it that also helped build the tension.

Rated "R" for graphic violence, very disturbing images, brief nudity, and language, "Bite" certainly isn't the best movie you will ever see, but it will be far from the worst.

Reviewed by Carrigon 5 / 10


I first heard of this movie back in the Summer and was really looking forward to it for a long time. I loved Contracted and its sequel, and this movie seemed to promise something similar, but ultimately fell really flat.

This movie feels like taking a bite out of a beautiful shiny red apple, only to find tasteless mush inside it. They got the FX right, but nothing else was. The script was too bland to carry the plot anywhere.

It was very basic. Casey got bit by something underwater while on vacation in Costa Rica. And of course, whatever bit her was carrying something far worse than Lyme disease. This thing started to transform her into some other species.

There were very interesting FX and Casey got some new and deadly abilities. I really wish we could have seen more of where all that was headed.

The rest of the movie didn't have much plot. And the characters really weren't that likable. Casey had one friend who genuinely cared and wasn't that bad. The rest were not so good.

Ultimately, beyond the FX, there isn't anything to really like about this movie. The other reviews on here are spot on. We're all saying the same basic thing. It's not a good movie, but the FX will keep you entertained for awhile.

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