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Reviewed by Tom Orrow 1 / 10

Borderline Unwatchable

We get this every January/February, one movie comes around that reminds us all how good Oscar season was, 2 months prior. In 2009 we had Bride Wars. In 2010 we had When in Rome. This year it's Big Momma 3.

Absolutely nothing in this film was funny, nor I or the audience of about 40 people laughed once at this cataclysmic attempt at a comedy. Martin Lawrence sets the art of humour back an entire decade with this go-nowhere performance, he's practically sleep-walking through the entire movie, are things really that bad Martin? how badly do you need a check? the last thing i remember seeing him in was Wild Hogs 4 years ago and that was a masterpiece compared to this slop.

The plot circles around Lawrence's stepson (Brandon T. Jackson) being targeted by some Russian mafia for witnessing a murder. Lawrence's character is a respected FBI agent, is the only thing he can think of to hide his stepson; dressing him in drag and enrolling he and himself as members of an all girls school?

This obviously paves the way for a ton of teen-sex jokes, alas there are barely any attempts at this (got to keep that precious PG-13 rating guys).

A comedy that fails to get a single laugh out of some 40 people is a huge failure in my eyes. Let's not let this film be forgotten because it came out so early on in the year, critics at the end of 2011 need to be prepared to put this on their list of worst films of the year. If not - then any of the films that beat it will have to be spectacularly awful.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Is there anymore soup to be made from this...?

"Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" is the third movie in the series, and honestly, they might have considered stopping after the second movie. The first one was hilarious, the second one not so much. And now the third one has been unleashed upon us movie-lovers.

For a comedy, then "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" is rather weak, because there is only a handful of situations that proved to be funny. And even less so actually managed to make me laugh. I think I laughed once or twice throughout the entire movie. So it was a disappointing experience to watch this movie.

The storyline is somewhat simple, so even your family's dog can keep up with it. Some incriminating evidence is stored on a USB key, evidence that can bring down some big criminals. Yeah, very original there already. And the USB key is hidden in an all-girls school, and it is up to detective Malcolm to find it and bring the criminals to justice. Only this time he brings his son into it! Yeah, his son. Now, what father in his right mind would bring his own flesh and blood into a situation where his life is in danger, and much more so bring his son into cross-dressing? Back it up right there! The storyline was weak and very hard to believe and get into, because it was so over the top.

Now, Martin Lawrence does a good job as Malcolm and Big Momma, as he did in the previous two movies. So if you are familiar with those two, you know what you will be getting. This is good, but at the same time it is also bad. Why keep squeezing the lemon when there is no more juice to come out? Brandon T. Jackson (playing Trent/Charmaine) did a good job as well, except for when he portrayed Charmaine; I found that strenuous to watch. Ken Jeong (playing the mailman) was a hilarious spot to the movie, despite he was there for only a few minutes. And for a noticeable performance of the younger talents, then Michelle Ang (playing Mia) brought a good deal of spark and comedy to the movie. In overall, the acting was good and the performances were well enough. The movie was just suffering from being a movie that had a weak story.

I suppose for hardcore fans of Martin Lawrence, then "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" will be a blast. But for the ones that watched part 1 and 2, then part 3 is a very dull and humorless movie.

Reviewed by capone666 3 / 10

The Vidiot Reviews...

Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son

The worst day for an African-American actor is the day that he or she must put on the first of what will be many fat suits.

Unfortunately for the teen actor in this comedy, his moment of humiliation has come at an early age.

When his partner hides a flash-drive on an all-girls arts college campus, Detective Turner (Martin Lawrence) must don his Big Momma persona to infiltrate the student body.

Aiding Turner on this undercover endeavor is his arrogant stepson Trent/Charmaine (Brandon T. Jackson), a hopeful rapper and an unintentional murder witness.

Now, Big Momma and Charmaine must locate the flash-drive before the bad guys catch on to their disguises.

The third installment of the Big Momma franchise, Like Father, Like Son is a failed attempt at resuscitating an unfunny and insulting series.

Besides, there are more comical issues to exploit in a skinny character who use to be fat. (Red Light)

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