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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marcus Suat Luger 6 / 10

It's a relationship drama with two people, and nothing else (mild spoilers without giving much away)

As others pointed out, the tag line is more than misleading. This movie is not about survival, it's not a science fiction movie. It is about a couple and their complicated relationship and mostly normal stuff: Having a child or not, having no job, being from two different classes, the role of the man today, etc. There is some SF setting in the background, but it doesn't affect the story at all - it could be replaced by anything or just left out without making a difference.

I liked parts of this movie anyway, because it was very character- and dialog driven, and mostly interesting, and compared to other movies in this genre and budget, it was well done. Especially the actors did a great job, but so did everybody else involved.

But one aspect was really bad: Everybody watching this movie will probably be suspicious about what is going to happen, thinking something like "... but they can't just copy the XYZ ending, right?" - and then they do it. The timing was kind of a surprise, but what happened was uber-cliché. If it was something small, okay, but if the whole movie is about this one twist, then the twist should be at least original and not that famously used by others before.

Conclusion: The actors rescued this movie. Their performance was outstanding, and if you want to see some relationship drama that's only about two people, then you'll probably enjoy it. Most people will watch this movie because they expect science fiction, and they will be disappointed. There is just no science fiction.

If you've seen the other movie that obviously "inspired" this one A LOT (there are more than one, but one had really 99% the same ending), you'll shake your head a lot.

Reviewed by sajpratt-82-265277 3 / 10

Another convenient use of the 'It's a Sci-Fi Movie!' ploy...

I am a sci-fi fan and enjoy the amazing 'what if's' that good sci-fi movies postulate.

Sadly, this is yet another movie that calls itself a 'sci-fi drama' but literally has nothing to do with 'science', and merely uses the 'sci-fi' label as both a marketing hook and an excuse to use an otherwise inexplicably desolate landscape to help stretch that meager production budget.

There are no unique or inventive 'what if's' in this film at all-- just a two-person emotional drama that could have taken place anywhere at anytime using an alien war as a prop to explain-away the apocalyptic low-budget setting.

So, if you're looking for real intriguing, thought-provoking science-based fiction, you won't find it here.

That said, the acting is good and, if you can swallow your disappointment and loathing of the cheap marketing tricks, you might be able to enjoy it from the Greek Tragedy angle--or, you could always spend your time watching any of the much better written, much better produced and better filmed TV dramas available at the touch of a button on your TV box (which I would recommend).

Reviewed by lois-lane33 4 / 10

Doesn't deliver the goods.

This film starts off well but rapidly descends into dullness and then into being cryptic and intimately finishes in oblivion. I thought this was going to be a good film. The blurb promised a Romance/SF-but the elements of both were surprisingly weak. The romance consisted of a virtually endless series of arguments and the SF aspect consisted of a series of shots of looking at what was apparently a space ship as seen from a distance. The aliens are never seen and there is no communication with the alien vessel. Which is also never seen from up close either. A comet is discovered only to be later revealed to be a space ship. A bond forms between a man and a woman only to be later revealed to be a mistake. And so it goes. The film ends in a series of disconnected images that actually makes little to no sense whatsoever leaving the films audience wondering what just happened here. I would not recommend this movie to fans of Romance or to fans of SF as it doesn't have enough components of either genres to be effective in either genre never mind being an effective hybrid project. I have actually seen this type of thing done better by other actors who were also from the UK and not so long ago either. It is therefor also derivative of another UK project which was better executed than this one. All in all I think this was an inferior film.

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