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Alexandra Daddario as Allison Miller
Peyton List as Wendy Miller
Michael Biehn as Jonathan Miller
Nolan Gerard Funk as William
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Reviewed by Pheonix73 4 / 10

Some Moments: Solid and Scary...Most Moments: Laughable and Cliché

I saw 'Bereavement' at a late-night showing, after which the director was available for a Q&A. I really wish I had asked Mena the many questions I had about his film, but, honestly, by that time, I just wanted to get out of there and go home. Although the movie had some brilliant moments (great cinematography, terrific use of sound and very gory scenes) for the most part, it all-too-quickly slips into the realm of "We've seen this before." Examples: A lonely psychopath who lives in a slaughterhouse, a mute child, a big-breasted, small-brained heroine, an ending that involves a fire. Yup. It's all there. Oh, there's also a lot of bad acting and characters who do the most BRAINLESS, RIDICULOUS THINGS POSSIBLE! It's sad, really, because Mena is clearly a passionate, talented man who wore several hats while making 'Bereavement.' Maybe he should have saved some time to give the movie a real, hard, serious look.

Reviewed by ace61502 8 / 10

Much better if you know what it is

Did ANY of you prior reviewers realize this movie doesn't need an explanation because it IS an explanation? This movie is a prequel for the movie Malevolence. And a good one. The acting wasn't top billing actors (take a look at the budget), but it wasn't the worst I've seen by far. Not sure how anyone could say there's no plot. It won't replace my favorite horror movie, but I did enjoy it. Either watch Malevolence first, or watch it knowing what it is. I can see how confusing and open ended it would seem not knowing that, especially since, as far as I saw, IMDb didn't bother to mention it, either.

This movie does a great job telling the background story of how Martin became the psychopath he was in Malevolence. There were still surprises along the way. It would be nice for it to be more obvious what this movie is, because it really is not a stand alone movie like some other prequels and sequels are.

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