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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryan-eden-1994 6 / 10

Informative but a little bit lacklustre

Being AP takes you through the journey of Sir AP McCoy's final year as a jump jockey and it also takes a minimal look back at some of his previous moments in horse racing. The overriding message that the documentary provides is that competitive horse riding is a highly dangerous sport and Sir AP is presented as a heroic figure through the reciting of old and new injuries throughout the documentary, and rightly so.

Being AP has a rather flat mood until the end when it becomes a bit more emotional. Archive footage was well worked into the documentary along with footage that would have been intentionally filmed. I feel that I managed to sit through the documentary because of how I am a big fan of horse racing, however; I feel that due to the rather stagnant mood of the documentary some people may find it a little bit boring.

Overall, I think the cinematography was good, I think archive footage was used well, however; I would have liked to have felt more emotion from the documentary and seen a few more of Sir AP's greatest moments such as his 2010 Grand National win. The documentary was good, however; it could have been made better through more reflection and it didn't completely capture the true emotion of horse racing.

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