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Jason O'Mara as Bruce Wayne
Stuart Allan as Damian Wayne
David McCallum as Alfred Pennyworth
Sean Maher as Dick Grayson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crimson_knight_7 7 / 10

A major "hoot"!

Batman vs Robin, directed by Jay Oliva and written by J.M. DeMatteis, was an action packed, whirlwind of a ride and a significant improvement to Ethan Spaulding's "Son of Batman". In addition to choosing a life with his father, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Damian (Robin) assists his father's continued fight at night for Gotham's soul as the next Robin. However, Damian finds himself struggling to cope with his father's "no- killing" policy due to the philosophical form of combat training he received under Ra's al Ghul. As a result of this philosophical conflict between Damian, and Bruce Wayne, Damian is forced into a lifestyle of isolation. As Bruce Wayne tightens the noose around Damian's freedom, Damian is sought out by a member of the Court of Owls. While struggling with his own identity, Damian must decide whether he will adhere to his father's morals, or become a member of the Court of Owls.

First I would like to say that this DC animated film was spectacular! The animation was fluid, flawless, and the voice acting was superb. Though I wasn't initially a fan of Jason O'Mara, I have definitely come to appreciate him as the new Dark Knight. With the level of graphic realism as well as the psychopathic trills currently shown in the recent DC animated Batman series, I believe Jay Oliva has perfectly presented us with an accurate portrayal of Gotham's twisted atmosphere. However, the title was slightly misleading as Batman and Robin only fought against each other for a short time. If anything, it should have been called "Batman: The Court of Owls". In the end, Batman vs Robin is an excellent addition to the DC animated series as well as is something every Batman fan will appreciate.

Reviewed by Ethan_Martin 9 / 10

You have much to learn

I appreciate the darker tone that this had compared to "Son of Batman", the main problem I had was with the plot. Everything else is great, but the story is something I've seen a lot of. That's a small negative however, the acting is once again fantastic, the animation is great, and Bruce and Damian's relationship is growing. Again, I don't have a problem with how Damian acts, he's a 10 year old that's been trained to be ruthless and without mercy, and this movie's more focused on him still having trouble adapting to Bruce's code. Only one more movie to go, then it's the grand finale of the Bat-a-thon. The "Son of Batman" trilogy is still doing great and I can't wait for the final chapter.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10

The best of the New Dc Animated films so far...

While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman's no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls. Even tho the title Batman v.s Robin is kinda wrong since Bruce fights his son for just a while the real villain is The Court of Owls this film has a lot of action but also blood Batman gets stabbed more times than i can count he even gets inside a Batman Robotic suit and things go insane. Unlike the next sequel that came out this is actually a pretty nice sequel but also movie with a lot of action, suspense but also a very nice ending because after his father gets brutally stabbed and gets his ass whipped then Damian releases he was wrong? Seriously you think?

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