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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kimberly-chanin 2 / 10

Absolutely awful.

I would have given this movie a 3/10, but the lower rating is from sheer disappointment. This movie had such a great idea, but was executed so poorly.

We see a hard-working mom of two with the stereotypical doof-ball husband, dealing with PTA moms who seemingly have nothing better to do than make her life harder.

Aside from the TERRIBLE acting, horrible cringe inducing dialogue, it just wasn't funny. The countless crappy attempts at "humor" fell flat on their face over and over and, had I not been with a friend, I would have left after 15 minutes.

But I had to endure a SAGA of ridiculous story lines, and so many loose end tie ups. By the end I was actually willing the movie to stop so I could leave.

Just, so awful. Terrible performances, a terrible script, a disgrace to the film industry and moms everywhere. Save your money and your time.

Reviewed by ogidaubik-23703 2 / 10

A good premise but everybody's so rich

Spoilers!!! I laughed at Cethryn Hahn the most, she's great! lotsa great stars made appearances, chick flick it is and i was prepared to enjoy the premise of the movie. but everyone was so rich and lived in Huge houses and they had no money worries. I couldn't imagine going to a bar, getting bombed, then going to a grocery store to run around and destroy food without being hauled to jail. that was over the top. i was hoping to see more women of color, but Hollywod is so color-blind, more diversity please! at least there was Jada Pinkett-Smith. Loved Mila Kunis but she played a mom with a part-time job, 2 kids, in a Big-foot house, yeah...not believable! and then riding off into the sunset with friends on one of the friend's husband's private jet...please!! i shoulda saved my little hard earned $30.00 and waited for HBO

Reviewed by Kevin_C1 3 / 10

A Bad Movie for Moms

Five minutes into Bad Moms, I already knew that I had made the wrong choice. I was hoping for a silly comedy staring some actresses I find to be hilarious (Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn.) This was not the case, as most of the jokes are raunchy, cringe-worthy mom jokes.

The worst thing about this movie, which is obvious from the opening monologue, is that it is corny. The story is corny. The characters are corny. The jokes are corny. The only audience that might let them get away with this cheese-fest, is mothers, because they will be able to relate.

This movie has its moments, but the majority of its laughs fall flat. Particularly bad were a couple of different montages, specifically, one of the girls drunk grocery shopping. Most disappointing is how unfunny Kathryn Hahn is, it seems that every word that comes out her mouth has to do with sex.

This movie also fails to follow some of the basic rules of a screenplay. The characters speak for the writer, not for themselves. The main conflict doesn't even come up until half way through the movie.

The brightest spot of this movie is Kristen Bell's character Kiki, who is a weird stay at home mom. She provides almost all of the enjoyment you will get out of this film. JJ Watt and Martha Stewart also have funny cameos.

I would not recommend this movie unless you are a mother. If you are anything but, avoid this train wreck at all costs.

Game of Thrones SPOILERS BELOW

They also spoiled Jon Snow's death for the sake of a mediocre joke. Not Cool.

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