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Reviewed by Samiam3 7 / 10

Cage makes the movie

One thing you can always count on when you go into a Werner Herzog movie is that you can always expect to find a story surrounding a very bizarre individual. With Bad Lieutenant, I saw both Herzog and Nicholas Cage in a new light, or rather a new darkness. Labeled as a black comedy, there should be more emphasis on 'black' than on 'comedy'. The film bears a strong resemblance to the thematically surreal and contrived nature of a Coen Brothers film, but the difference is that this one is more character driven than plot driven. More specifically, this is a film that lives on one performance. Nicholas Cage for the first time in a while has done something worthy of recognition, possibly even award worthy.

He plays New Orleans cop Terence McDonagh, recently promoted to Lieutenant. The film follows his latest homicide investigation. Due to a back problem and a drug addiction he is grumpy and unstable. He is sort of an anti- American hero, and the film concludes on a very bizarre note but clever anti- conventional/Hollywood manner.

Though not Herzog's best, it is certainly one worth watching. With each film I see from him, past or present he continues to intrigue me, but I think in this case, it might be Nicholas Cage who deserves the most credit.

Reviewed by pc95 4 / 10

Moments of brilliance

Werner Herzog's "Bad Lieutenant" is a pretty big bore. (spoiler) It runs at snail-pace with alotta dead-ends and loose-ends throwing in a few goofy hallucinations to boot. Nicholas Cage badly plays a drug-addict cop who at times changes his accent and patterns of speech for no apparent reason. Eva Mendez is first-billed but has a 3rd string role as a prostitute - her lines are subject to constant "give me drugs" and then all of the sudden repentant. The fact that Cage's character got away with so much was ridiculously unbelievable. His relationships with most of the people around him are appalling. I wasn't sure in some scenes whether it was supposed to be humorous or just tasteless. The movie is a pretty big mess meandering in and out of no-less than 4 side stories. Not sure what Herzog was trying to achieve, but it didn't turn out well at all. Not recommended, and will leave you scratching your head. Note - Val Kilmer steps in for a quick paycheck.

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 9 / 10

Wickedly funny black comedy that borders on satire - fantastic acting by all involved and just one hell of a ride

This film was not at all what I expected from Herzog - I haven't laughed so much in a long time during a movie. What we've got here is an over the top, crazy ride with the best Nic Cage in years. Funny little anecdote on the side (as told by the director, Werner Herzog): when Cage asked for advice on how to best approach his role, Herzog told him to go with 'evil is bliss'. Cage obviously obliged - and the result is hilarious.

This film got a lot of negativity because apparently, people expected a serious, dark drama (knowing the original, I did, too). Well, Herzog had other plans: This is a wickedly funny black comedy that borders on satire. Fantastic acting by all involved, inventive camera and just one hell of a ride. Herzog's most entertaining film to date and Cage's best performance in ages. 9 stars out of 10.

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