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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
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Adrien Brody as Peter Bower
Sam Neill as Duncan Stewart
Robin McLeavy as Barbara Henning
Bruce Spence as Felix
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gino Cox 6 / 10

Well executed but a few problems in the script

"Backtrack" is well executed. The acting and cinematography are competent and professional. Special effects are more than adequate. It economically manages to convey a sense of desolation, solitude and creepiness.

Horror films generally adhere to a simple basic formula. A sinful act unleashes a supernatural power that wreaks vengeance on the guilty, but spares the innocent and those who repent. Occasionally films like "The Sixth Sense" and "Ghost Town" effectively embellish the basic formula in novel, interesting and dramatically gratifying ways.

"Backtrack" deviates from the basic horror conventions, but does not provide anything superior and is inconsistent. Arguably innocent people are caused to suffer. The supernatural forces torment the protagonist who is not the sole or even the most guilty party. They seem to want his help or he wants their help, but they seem equally capable of interacting with the most guilty party without him. It's not clear whether they need the protagonist's help or they want to involve him in order to help him expiate his guilt. The supernatural forces do not have a consistent understanding of their status.

The supernatural forces do not behave randomly, but even though they operate in concert, it's not clear that they understand their purpose or the master plan. Their motives for particular actions aren't always clear. They don't always seem to be on the same page.

Some of the early scenes are ambiguous. It's not clear whether the protagonist is alive, dead, dreaming, deluded, hallucinating or what. We have dreary, foreboding scenes of abandoned buildings and streets and empty trains. Everybody who visits the protagonist seems unusual. He never interacts with anybody who seems entirely normal. Then suddenly, his world is populated, but the reason for the transition is unclear.

The movie would have been stronger with a clearer concept of who and what the supernatural elements were, why they did what they did and what they know or believe about the events in question. If they need the protagonist's assistance to discover who was the guiltiest, that could have been clearer. If they have several suspects, why torment only the protagonist? One of the supernatural entities knows the whole story. Why they don't go after the guiltiest party directly is unclear, except that a negligent act gave him some special insights, but that resulted in the death of an innocent, so the story is less satisfying.

Reviewed by bcheng93 7 / 10

Nice little movie with elements of horror/mystery/thriller...all combined into one

OK...before i start on the review itself, i just want to say that i am giving this movie a 7/10 rating. So far this movie has a rating of 5.9 which is a little low in my opinion. The movie itself was very professionally done and the Cgi in the movie...about a minute in all was fairly well done. I went in to the movie hoping Adrien Brody just didn't needed a paycheck...and was very happy he didn't. Don't want to give the spoiler for the movie...just like the other reviewers said. Please give this movie a chance if you are a fan of either horror, mystery or thriller movies. I think you'll be fairly pleased with the movie overall, as there are elements of all three genres in this movie. Hahaha...still thinking about this movie and just wanted to say that its classified under horror. I am a big fan of a good horror movie also..especially...a good jump scare...hehehe. THis movie although you're watching it you will be thinking..OK..i know where this is going...the try for a jump scare is coming right now. This actually keeps happening for a while until you forget about it...because what you think might be a jump scare which you brace for never materializes....UNTIL...BOOMMM!!!. Hahaha...I swear i almost jumped out of my skin. For the reviewer who said it was a good movie with a god-awful would one close the movie???? There was only 2 ways out of the ending...and...the latter would have been to gloomy indeed, and would have made viewers very uneasy indeed. All in all a very worthwhile watch in my opinion for any fans of a good movie...and how long has it been since Brody made a movie?

Reviewed by esteemdancers-1 10 / 10

You don't want to miss this movie

If I would take the time to review a movie, especially since I hate composing anything, then you can be assured it is a movie I believe you will more than enjoy. As soon as I read that Adrian Brody starred in the film, well, that was all the hook that I needed to give it a watch. I must admit that the first 10-15 minutes I was wondering if I should leave the theater because the film was a bit too heavy with the glum, depressive and exhausted mood of Brody's character. However, this film jumps into high gear (or what I describe as earning a perfect 10 rating) just as soon as Brody makes a connection to what may be the underlying reason he is experiencing symptoms that are over and beyond suffering from depression. In fact it travels into the macabre. Once he makes the connection, hang on to your seat, and make sure it is one where you will feel safe, because it has some intensely frightening scenes. There is no ripper blood and sadistic gore needed to scare you but just a fantastic script. It is a terrific thrill ride where the suspense builds by the minute. You will not be able to know what is coming next. One reviewer said she didn't like the ending. I did like the ending. Give it a watch. Like I said, it is a little slow getting started but so worth the wait. The film is available on Direct T.V. pay per view.

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