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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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Nicole Kidman as Lady Sarah Ashley
Hugh Jackman as Drover
Essie Davis as Cath Carney
Ben Mendelsohn as Captain Dutton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomwalshco 1 / 10

Why didn't somebody warn me

Had no idea going in except the few bits of trailers I saw. Was expecting an epic thriller with a solid story line - instead... you get all the old stock, trite Australian perceptions.

- sage old Aboriginal grandfather who can listen to the birds sing and tell you when the second coming of Christ will be.

- the painfully cute, half breed boy that can outsmart NASA scientists. - the knock-down, drag-out Aussie bar brawls where everyone emerges 24 hours later as good as new without a scratch after getting smacked 10 times with a cricket bat and beer bottles.

- the jalopy that can carry 10 tons of supplies across 500 miles of blazing desolation without a backfire.

- the old lush that spews pearls of wisdom after falling off every bar stool he sits on.

- the proper English royal dame that can out-ride, out-fight, out-last any grizzled outback veteran.

- the kangaroos that appear out of nowhere in what looks like the middle of the Sahara Desert, and get shot for a delicious high-protein dinner.

- and of course, the chatter about stealing half-breed babies to make them more refined.

I thought this was a comedy 10 minutes in! Maybe it was. I couldn't bear to see the last half. I was ready to tie a cinder block around my neck and jump in the billabong......

Reviewed by NonSequitur_1 5 / 10

Uneven, hulking monster of a film

This film struggled throughout its epic length to stay upright. Unfortunately at the end it stumbled and fell like a pile of bricks.

It tried to juggle so much but in the end, it all turned out to be too little. The film starts like a corny slapstick comedy, turns into a romantic fantasy, then into an outback adventure, then into a war movie, a heartfelt drama, a comment on the stolen generation, a comment on racism... etc, etc. It's just too much. Yes, it's supposed to be an epic, but things like this need to be handled with finesse. Unfortunately, it isn't in this case. The themes were too muddled, the script too stretched - it's a mess. The characters are cardboard cutouts, the acting is over the top and cheesy, the pacing is off, the bizarre use of Somewhere Over the Rainbow... It's just a broken film.

Being an Australian, I did hope that this movie would be alright, but it turned out to be almost 3 hours of wankery that disgracefully cost our taxpayers over $40m.

On a more positive note, on the whole it wasn't BORING, and it was aesthetically and aurally pleasing - even though it made use of countless, shameless green screen shots which were simply unnecessary.

There was ONE great scene in the film, and that's when Hugh Jackman and his Aboriginal friend enter the ruined pub. That was absolutely excellent. Too bad the rest of the film couldn't live up to that in the slightest.

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