At Close Range


Crime / Drama

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Sean Penn as Brad Whitewood Jr.
Christopher Walken as Brad Whitewood Sr.
Chris Penn as Tommy Whitewood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Todd Kelly 9 / 10

Brilliant Acting - Dark Subject!

A very good film that I recommend highly if you are in the right frame of mind to view truly evil subject matter. The acting by Walken, Penn, Penn and Masterson is brilliant. Espescially the last few minutes. Sean Penn's performance is my favourite acting moment of all time. Even writing this makes me take a deep exhale.

Reviewed by Nanx 10 / 10

This one remains in my essentials collection.

This movie is an old favorite. I think this is the one work by Sean Penn that became the pivotal interest in him for me. He was, as usual in anything he does, absolutely convincing. Same for Christopher Walken. The casting was perfect, the scenery and soundtrack done beautifully. I've been recommending this one to friends for ages.

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