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Christian Slater as Michael Mason
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Angus Macfadyen as Richard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 9 / 10

It's like a bourne film eventually. But then it really is.

Watch this movie. It takes about the first 50 minutes for this to hit it's first real mark, but when it does it brings you something you may have never seen before, and that is a kick ass ballerina. The movie has so much wrong with it, and almost all of the male characters are just there as background props for the real show, and the little girl dancing alone in the theater is so well done. If you like Taken, or Transporter then you will really like this. I have to say it though these days even when Christian Slater's character lives through a whole movie, I bet he is still dying inside like his poor career. If Nicolas Cage, and John Cusack would stop taking every roll there might be better options for Slater, and good old Stephen Dorff gotta mention him since I'm ranting. Nuf of that See this movie!

Reviewed by sdafbg 3 / 10

swan turns duckling

Decent actors horribly miscast in Movie trying to be more than it ever can be.

Plot: Company owner (Christian Slater) is in danger of losing his business to jealaous competitors in Russia. His wife, a swan lake ballet dancer, must turn once again from a duckling to a swan to say alive.

Though the Movie has a cool title, potentially good and renowned actors and on the surface a descent plot it turns out to be really crappy. A would be late night B-Movie turns into art-house action bottom shelf dust collector. It tries too hard to be something it is not: the script is amateurish and feeble, and it is too obvious that the writer is trying to keep the Viewer interested by using amateur-like methods.

Cole Houser, Angus MacFadyen and Christian Slater deserves and can do better, I guess they too suffer from bad economy like us normal folks.

I give 3 out of 10, if your sleeping pills do not work...see this Movie.

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