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Olan Rogers as Walt Disney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy 1 / 10

Pitiful Acting and Awful Dialogue

Warning, only watch this movie if you can stomach really bad acting.

The fact that IMDb gave this a 7.5 out of 10 will forever negate any credibility the rating has in my eyes. The storyline is fine, but the acting and dialog is terrible. I find it ironic that the story of the founder of a brand known for rich media and superb entertainment is portrayed in such a pitiful manner. I guess Disney didn't think it was worth the investment to do the film itself.

I'm not sure I would even recommend this movie for Walt Disney fans. It does a good job with the story, but the acting may tarnish whatever reputation he has in your mind.

Reviewed by Becky VanMeter 2 / 10

Sparks of Hope

I adore Walt Disney and how his dreams became reality. A great man like Walt Disney deserves a wonderful film to highlight his achievements. There were some inspirational moments in the film. Unfortunately, it was filled with less than stellar acting.

At one point Walt Disney is sitting with a little girl in front of a white drawing board and talks with her about imagination. He says he hopes "we meet your expectations". Wish this film had met mine.

The movie ends prematurely. It should have moved forward through the heartache to the successes. It's the moment things started going his way we all long to see.

As one good Christian watching out after another, this film does offer many positives, but it missed the mark.

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