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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sizzledsausagez 1 / 10

Frustratingly painful experience!

I'm not a person that has ever written a movie review before but this movie caused some really intense inner rage that I felt I had to do one for this movie. Although production wise everything looked good, acting was fine and was generally a well made movie... where it went so horrifically bad was the cliché main characters that were impossible to like at all, with a storyline with way to many flaws to count and the lack of information for any situation that comes about or direction it goes.

The main character that out of nowhere becomes a boss zombie slayer and is meant to be the triumphant nice guy trying to save the girl he loves that the viewer is supposed to be barracking for was so unlikeable that i found myself hoping he fails with everything, suffers from some severe emotional pain before dying a slow horrible death. Any likable characters in the film were killed off not long after they pop up just makes everything more annoying!

Although this film actually had the potential to be a half decent movie if it had of somehow produced a more conclusive or even twist ending filling in any flaws in the plot and unanswered questions instead of the unsatisfying, unaccomplished expected one that is... SO I RECOMMEND NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS FILM

Ps. Reading that people actually found it charming and enjoyable just added to my already boiling rage inside after watching it xD and the fact it was rated as high as it is just infuriated me and made this one of my most hated movies ever watched! lol but each to there own, people can enjoy or hate whatever they like

Reviewed by Psy-Ko 7 / 10


It's a zombie movie, it's a love story, its a coming of age comedy. What it really was though is just a fun movie. Seems like people these days watch movies just to pick them apart. I just want to be entertained and this one entertained me. Yes the characters were cliché but that was part of it's charm. It reminded me of an 80's movie where there was always the main kind of geeky guy who finds himself and gets the girl, the hot girl who finally realizes the geeky guy is her soul-mate, the jock who gets his in the end and of course the stoner for comedic relief.

Speaking of comedic relief, there was a perfect balance of it which is something that's hard to do. Production values were decent but it is a lower budget movie so don't expect spectacular kills or special effects that will blow you away. Luckily that's not the focus of the movie, the story is, imagine that. I wasn't a big fan of the ending on this, seemed that the rest of the movie was so clichéd that it should have had the clichéd happy ending. I'd actually like to see them re-shoot a different ending and re-release it. Even ending with the two of them fighting off zombies would have been cool (and left it open for a sequel) But overall I liked it, I'd give it 7 out of 10 stars, it kept me entertained and made me feel for the characters, gave me a few laughs, what more could I ask for? May not be one you want to add to your movie collection but definitely worth a one time watch.

Reviewed by karlyyjadee 1 / 10

If you like wasting time, this one's for you!

I'm a massive fan of comedy horrors doesn't matter how low budget but this movies plot is just frustrating from start to finish! So many small simple things don't make sense or add up and the ending to this movie would have to be the worst ending I've ever seen!! I'm not one to post reviews but this movie made me that angry at how stupid it is (not a good kind of stupid) I had to share my views and hopefully save someone else from going through this painful movie. There is not one likable character and when you do come across a better character there killed off!! Towards the end you feel there's going to be a typical plot twist which you feel you could still be satisfied with the movie but nope nothing about this movie will pull you in, wasn't even a good love story almost like it was just chucked together on the spot!!

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