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John Rhys-Davies as Col. Carlo Dillard
Adrian Paul as Jeff Pierce
Jhey Castles as Lynne Pierce
Dylan Vox as Kal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 3 / 10

Fake. Sadly good actors just wasted in a stew of bad effects, and sets.

Apocalypse Pompeii, is just an awfully bad movie. I have a theory though about Asylum pictures, and John Rhys-Davies. I think that the demons who run Asylum pictures came up with a way to bring JRD back from near death, and in so doing they now own his acting soul. It is starting to feel that way is all I'm saying. This is not an Enjoyable movie, there is just way to much time spent driving around on a tiny back lot movie/TV set in Bulgaria and running from bad acting to more bad acting. I blame the script for existing, but these actors have to take some responsibility for this, they mostly seemed intent on polishing this turd, and that is the only saving grace that this movie gets marks for. The plot was dumb, and full of holes, and I swear that sound stage is made for little people. So no I do not recommend this movie to anyone. Really there are plenty of other things that you could watch.

Jesse of Jesse.ca

Reviewed by bamber-mccracken 5 / 10

Apocalypse Pompeii or A Disaster of A Movie

Now I know that The Asylum is known for churning out B movies But this pile of crap will go down in the history books as the worst movie ever made. The Plot Mother Father Daughter are in Italy as the father has a meeting,The reason for this meeting I could not tell you or I was so board by the first few minutes I could have missed it. Also watch out for the Briefcase in the first 10 minutes that gave me a good laugh (you will see why if you watch it) So Mother and Daughter take a tour bus to Pompeii Volcano erupts they get trapped,Now why the tour guide did not take them back to the bus when this happened is a mystery only the Director knows the answer. Now the Father seeing the eruption from a window quickly grabs his Briefcase and goes out to rescue them.

Do yourselves a favor watch Plan 9 From Outer Space instead

-100 out of 10

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