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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Drain Blut 1 / 10


Another day, another terrible zombie movie, if it can so be called. This one attempts to separate itself from the crowd by using a social network(called "Social Red Room") as a deep seeded backbone for the movie. Everyone in the movie is using it, and that's apparently all they use, as shown in literally every scene in the movie. It's outgrown Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Steam, along with any dating site or official news site(Surely you've heard of it?). We then have a zombie outbreak and it's incredibly obvious from the start that this 1 network everyone in the world uses is connected to it. It's painful how obvious this is, when it could have been much less obvious if it wasn't forced into every scene down your throat. You're literally watching a movie in which every scene someone accesses or uses this network. You won't go 10 seconds without seeing it pulled up on a phone or laptop to do something. This movie strangles you to such an excessive degree with this social network every scene that you should see their "clever plot twist" coming from a mile away. Trust me however, it's not logical in any way, and you only feel insulted once the movie confirms what you were already hoping WASN'T going to be the "twist" because it was just too stupid and too predictable.

Ignoring the Social Red Room, what you're left with is a terrible zombie movie where you'll care about no character, have no investment in anyone or anything, and will probably forget about an hour after viewing. Some of the acting is terrible, but that's the least of the movie's problems. You just have no interesting characters or plot to make you care about this movie or anything in it.

Seriously, watch Remains or State of Emergency(both 2011) instead. Those are GOOD zombie movies in recent years you probably haven't heard of. But this one? Antisocial? Stay far away. It's a movie made to send a message against social networks, but done by people who had no idea when or how to do that, nor how to make the movie they shoved it into.

Reviewed by Coventry 2 / 10

To put it in internet slang: epic fail

Luckily enough it rarely ever happens to me, but "Antisocial" was a film where I just had to leave the theater before it was finished… The dumb and derivative plot, the insufferable characters and – most importantly – the indescribable boredom that I miraculously struggled myself through for about three quarters of the running time just became too unendurable towards the ending. I like to consider myself as a patient and tolerant horror fanatic, but this was one of the single worst movies that I ever watched at a festival. The plot is a blatant imitation of "The Signal", in which a signal broadcast through communication devices like TV-sets and mobile telephones turns people into insane, emotionless and unstoppable killing machines. "Antisocial" replaces this signal with a subliminal message spread through a social media website (they call it Social Redroom, but it's clearly aimed at Facebook) that turns its users into aggressive zombies. The victims, all internet addicts that even spend the New Year's celebration with the phones and laptops in their hands, first suffer from bizarre hallucinations and subsequently start bleeding from their nose and ears. Perhaps in the hands of an experienced and talented director, the story could have resulted in a realistically tense and paranoid apocalyptic horror tale, but debuting director Cody Calahan erroneously focuses too much on the five (completely uninteresting) main characters and the intrigues between them. There are far too many dull, meaningless and repetitive dialogs in the screenplay, while the "action" sequences are tame and brief. It's really hard to explain how boring "Antisocial" is and how badly I hoped for all the protagonists to suffer quick and painful deaths. The morality lesson, spend more real time with your friends instead of from behind a social media profile, is quite laughable and pathetic. Like they say on the internet: epic fail…

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10


Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world.

Scott Weinberg of Fearnet says, "If you can get past the fact that the flick is composed of 75% recycled ideas and 25% new ones, you may find that something to like." Sounds to me like Weinberg does not understand how the horror genre works -- few movies today have less than 75% recycled ideas. Why gripe about this one?

Indeed, this was an interesting satire and attack on social media. Silly, maybe, and certainly nothing that can be taken too seriously. But not the terrible film critics (especially Rotten Tomatoes) makes it out to be. When compared to the technology-themed "The Den", this is the more mature and accomplished approach to the Internet Age.

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